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Who's the Jammiest woman in Yorkshire? # WLC 11


As you may know, I couldn't get weighed last week due to the "Boots" scales being out of order ( and to the fact that I don't trust my own judgement on my bathroom scales).

So I decided not to worry and to restart my weight loss journey after the festivities.

I have continued with my running regime ( apart from Christmas day of course) but have not given a second thought to what passed my lips.

My rule for anything in moderation has definitely paid off because...

I've only gone and lost a pound!!!!!

Unbelievable I know, but true I promise!

Anyway, I think I may need to be mega-careful this week in case it tries to sneak on when I'm not looking.

Here's to a good year of healthy weight loss :-)

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Brilliant. It showswhat exercise and your change in eating habits have made. Well done.


Cheers. Not discounting the fact that it may just be late showing up! We'll see what next Monday brings. :-/


Yay....that's fab - well done!


Great stuff - well done :-)


well done.


Thanks all,

had a bit of a blowout last night though!!!!!


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