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Decisions Decisions!! What shall I do

Back again! originally in last post said i was going to repeat wk 6. as i have not done very well so far (started just as the pre xmas drinks and parties started) dont know whether to start from scratch at week 1 or just repeat wk 6 and draw a line. what do you think i should do ?? Have a happy new year if i dont post before then x

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Hi healthyone

How much more weight do you want to lose? If around half a stone to a stone I would repeat week 6 and then carry on. If more, I would start again, and join in the weight loss club weigh in every Monday, starting week 1on 6th January.

Personally I have done the 12 week programme twice, still have weight to lose, more to lose after a happy but disastrous Christmas food wise, because I went back to old habits. So, this coming week I will be careful and then on 6th January, I will start again, rereading each week. I have unfortunately proved to myself I have a way to go to make the new habits stick.

Hope this helps you decide what is right for you and good luck with your journey.


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Hi Bispers, I would like to lose about a stone and half so shall start again on 6th jan and re-read all my notes. good luck and have a happy new year


Same as the others - Christmas is a hopeless time to try to lose weight - fortunately I have managed not to put on too much, but have certainly not lost anything - have about a stone to lose so decided to start all over again on 6th January with the weigh in


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