Back to it!!!

Wow that was a very quick christmas. spent a week enjoying food. now got it out of my system and am back on the weight loss trail. read a post where someone is going to repeat a week.sounded good so am going to repeat week six again starting from 2morrow.this has been a good week learning wise for me as i dont want to see christmas food for at least another year!!! so this will help my weight loss. good luck XX

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  • It certainly is a challenging time of year when it comes to losing and maintaining weight. I've tried to offset it best I can by increasing my exercise, which has helped a little.

  • hi there. yep went out shopping today to get me walking and looking for the next size down clothes to give me an incentive. good luck on the weight loss journey

  • I love a clothes target, went out shopping with my sister, we both bought the same dress, hers a size 8 looking quite roomy, and mine 10, looking quite snug - last year I would have been a 16-18! Happy days, I have to say she is only around 5'2" and I an Amazonian 5'6.5 ;)

  • Glad you enjoyed Christmas we need a little over indulgence now and again don't we. The main thing is we deal with the consequence and pull it back before it gets out of control. I have out on 2.4kg 5lbs in the last few weeks and have loved every minute of relaxation. Back to the gym this morning with the goal of dropping a lb this week aiming to be back at 57kg by 2nd Feb which sounds fine to me :D

  • yep i have a break from my 2 zumba classes a week to jan 7th counting down the days.

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