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As crazy and cliché as this sounds, I've decided that 2014 is the year I'm going to sort my weight out. I'm a student and I think student life has caught up with me! I realised that I've been kidding myself about my weight for a while, but I couldn't hide from it when I saw the look on my parents face when I returned home for Christmas.

My problem is that I lose interest quite quickly. At the start I do the gym membership and buy the magazines and clear out the fridge, but just a few weeks later I'm scoffing minstrels as if nothing happened! I'm also fed up of telling my friends that this is it, I'm doing it this time, but it never quite happens.

So, this is my promise that this time its happening (and now I've said it, it has to happen!). So I've out myself on the 12 week plan and am determined to do this properly! I'm 12st 2lbs and am 5ft 9in which means I'm officially overweight (yay me) and my target is 10st 6 lbs.

So...wish me luck!!

H x

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  • Good luck and you should find that the 12 week plan should get you into better eating habits. Once you start to lose and feel better and look better its great motivation, especially when people comment. It will be great to see your parents faces when you go home at Easter looking and feeling so much better.

  • hi and welcome :-) My advice is take it one day at a time view it as a lifestyle change. Find an exercise you enjoy - there are lots of different class to choose from so give them a go. I lost my weight through calorie counting but have always had a daily treat (usually chocolate) that way, I don't crave it as much! Good luck.

  • Congratulations for making a positive step. As others have said take one step at a time. If minstrels are your thing make them a part of your everyday life (not a whole bag just one or two) and keep a diary of what you do/how you feel/and what your goals are. I found this really funny and inspiration to re read. 2013 was my year and 4 1/2 stone later Ive done it (even now as Im writing this I cant believe it). So go for it x

  • Well done. I have to lose five stone ( more by bmi but this just for me one step at a time) I have fibromyalgia so was wondering how much exercise you did. X

  • I now run 3/4 times a week and do 1 pilates stretch class. When I made my life change last year I started on couch to 5k. For my whole life I have avoided any form of exercise. I used to write my own letters at school to get off P.E! But I started couch to 5k because it was cheap and could be done in under 30mins. I wont lie it was flipping hard. I would run in the dark so no one would see me, which meant getting up at 6am. But when I realised I could do it everything else fell into place. If running isn't your thing find something that you like doing that gets you moving. I CHOSE to exercise now because it is me time. It clears my mind. I like making time for me.

  • The very best of luck! If I could time-travel I'd go back to my student self and say 'hey, you want to yo-yo diet for the next 33 years? Just DO it!' The confidence you will get when you start to succeed is out of this world and more importantly, you'll be looking after your health - it's the only body you're going to get so make it last!

  • Good luck! I'm in the same boat (I'm a student)- so easy to gain weight!!

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