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Hi, I'm new here! I'm looking to loose a stone and a half. I currently weigh 11 stone and I'm 5"5 so my bmi classed as overweight. I've wanted to loose weight for some time, but I loose motivation quickly. However I'm determined to make 2014 my year!

I'll be following the 12 week plan on the NHS Live Well Website, so wish me luck and I'll keep you updated!


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I sometimes have motivational issues too. I think its really important (especially around the holidays!) to remember that sometimes, you just can't meet all of your goals for that week, and that's ok. You just have to keep going and not get discouraged when things aren't quite the way you want them. But progress (even if its only a little) is progress :)

Also remember that the weight loss isn't instantaneous, healthy weight loss is only about1-2lbs a week (not sure how many stone that is), but it is such a good feeling to look at the scale week after week and see it dropping!

If you haven't checked out the couch to 5k and the 5 week strength and flexibility you definitely should! They are great for some structure, which is something that has helped me immensely.

One more thing. Don't wait. Not until the New Year, not until Sunday, not until tomorrow, do it while your motivation is there and just keep moving!



Welcome. I started off on the 12 week plan and although I have a few lb to go have found it a good way to change my eating and portion control.

Good luck & keep us posted.


hi and welcome :-)


Hi! Looking to change my eating habits, and loose 3.5 stone in the new year. Thanks for the welcome. :)


I'd recommend the 5:2 Diet to everyone! No slimming clubs to join and I saved my money towards my size 10 clothes and my size 16s went to a charity shop. You can combine it with other diets if you want to, or just stick to eating 500 calories on two non-consecutive days a week. I lost three stone (42 pounds, 20 kilos) by April 2013 and have maintained that weight loss ever since by just fasting one day a week - any previous diet would have had me putting it all back on again and more.


I wonder how this works in a family setting with family mealtimes, as a role model to children?


There are thousands who have done this successfully, those with families, on the various Facebook groups I'm on. It's perfectly possible to do this without your family even noticing. For example, you can have a good sized evening meal, say fish or meat with a huge pile of vegetables. Better to be a slim role model than an obese one, eating junk food!


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