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A "not really weighed" in week this week !! #WLC week10

Those of you who have read my earlier posts may remember that I go down to my local "Boots" to weigh in each Monday.

Well after a few pre -festive moments this past week ( although I have done 4 good runs) , I wasn't really looking forward to facing the scales.

However I bit the bullet and went... only to fond them out of order!

I had a look on my bathroom scales which tell me I've either stayed the same or lost 3 pounds (depending on which way I lean). So I'm going to count this week as a non-weigh in and redo week 10 next Monday.

Have a lovely Christmas time everyone and remember...

don't stress the small stuff. :-)

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I had a similar problem with weighing in (not on bathroom scales but on Wii Fit). I suddenly gained about 3 lbs when I took up the carpet (and started using the Wii Fit balance board on a hard floor). :-O I can magically lose 3 lbs by using it on the rug now. ;-) Sadly, there's nothing magical about the 3 lbs I have gained this week. But I'm hoping it's a 'blip' due to Christmas and not being well. Have a happy new year. :-)


Hi Legion

I wish I could say I have moved my scales but like you, there is nothing magical about the weight I have gained in December. I know exactly how it has happened.

My goal for the next few weeks is to go for a walk every day, get back on track and lose the weight I have put on so easily.

Good luck and happy New Year.



A daily walk sounds like a good plan. I'd love to go for a run but I feel exhausted at the moment (not to mention that my intestines may not like being jiggled about!). Hopefully I'll start doing the same as you as soon as I feel a bit better. Good luck and happy new year to you too.


Happy New Year to you both too. Forget what's done and look forward to being a trimmer healthier you in 2014 :-)


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