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An advent of ideas 20: Variety is the sugar and spice of life

I'm always a little puzzled when people who are losing weight have a straightforward answer to 'what are you eating?' as I know I couldn't bear to eat more or less the same thing over and over and over. I suppose eventually I might get so sick of eating it I would only eat as much as was required to re-fuel... but more likely I'd be vulnerable to not always helpful novelty. There used to be a guesthouse in Scotland which boasted that if you stayed for a fortnight you wouldn't get the same breakfast twice. Even more impressive when you consider it was vegan. My idea of heaven (alas I never went and it's no longer in existence)

So I can see how other people have less trouble with recording their eating because there's a lot more repetition and maybe if you are not asking yourself "What's for tea?" because it is always X on Tuesday, that could prevent those times when you opt for something which doesn't advance your weight loss project and not because you really want whatever it is but because of a failure of imagination/food stocks/energy. But I know that for me, variety is important and helps me keep portion size down.

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