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An advent of ideas 14: an appointment with the bathroom scales

Lots of views about the importance of weighing and whether and how to do it.

What I have found helpful is weighing myself naked first thing in the morning every day. I always use kilos - I was born pre-metric but I find kgs friendlier than lbs or stones. The daily weighing has enabled to to treat the scales as merely one piece of information. I've seen how much day to day variation there can be (interestingly less post menopause) Sometimes if I've had a lot to eat, I might skip the following day or two to allow things to settle rather than be demoralised (or get cocky!)

For some people, it is clothes fitting that is enough of a measure - but if you are already uncomfortable in your clothes then my feeling is that you deserve some comfortable clothes right now, life is too short to wait. (On the other hand, finding I can get into clothes that had been put aside is wonderful)

I've also not found wielding the tape measure especially helpful as the changes have been very slow and perhaps not that consistent - measurer error possibly. I have never had much of a waistline, I'm just not built that way, even if you can see my ribs. I've also bought one or two items recently in a smaller size and found them too tight which isn't fun. I'd rather be comfortable in the same size.

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Whole heartedley agree with this one although I do stones and lbs , my scale weighs per eighth of a lbs

If I don't weigh I get into denial ......

I use clothes measurement as a goal, although everything fits well, for now;) I am thinking some size 10 jeans for my next challenge! Sale shopping here I come


I completely agree with GoogleMe. I do the same. I weigh daily, naked, after going to the loo and after the shower.

I cope much better with kgs. Could NOT cope with eighths of a pound!!


Even though decemalised coins happened when I was 7 I have real difficulty using kg as a concept, havent a clue what my weight is in Kgs although I know that if I put my height in in metric I get a better bmi result, I just have to find a site that mix and matches measurments. (Scale doesn't always say eights some if its 4/8 it says 1/2 and 2/8 would be 1/4!!! but for 1, 3 , 5, 7 it shows eighths )


I just wanted to add that my weight went on during a long period of change which included not having bathroom scales


I have tried both weighing once a week and weighing daily and for me, weighing daily works best.

If I weigh only once a week, think I have been really good and found there is no weight loss (or worse) I am much likely to give up (temporarily!) If I weigh daily and I see a fluctuation then I can deal with it there and then and work out why.

My official 'weigh in' is on a Monday though. I also couldn't cope with an eighth of a lb - not that my scales would measure that and as for kgs, I am a traditional girl so like my lbs, ozs, stones and miles!


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