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An advent of ideas 11: To tell or not to tell?

When contemplating an important lifestyle change or embarking on a challenge, it is often suggested that telling other people what you are doing will help you succeed. Perhaps this does work for some people. I've been engaged on a stealth fitness programme instead, by and large... and have tended only to share my goals and achievements when I neared the finish line (small achievements have been shared along the way but only now that I have reached a healthy BMI am I mentioning it more widely) I might say something like "I don't want a big portion of that" but that's it... I don't ever want someone to see me eating cake or chips or whatever and say "I thought you were trying to lose weight"<br /><br />One slightly demoralising thing is that people seem always to have a mental image of me as very large, so they will exclaim that I have lost weight when they see me even if I haven't (and haven't changed shape either)

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