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An advent of ideas 9 - Know thyself

Know thyself, not anybody else. There are so many reasons people are carrying more weight and are less active than is good for them. Yes, people are sometimes in denial that they do a particular thing that keeps their weight high, or their mood low or whatever... but sometimes it is a good thing to just say "Not applicable" and move along and tackle the issues that *you* have which may not have 'pride' of place in whatever book or blog you are reading or the social circle you are in. Lots of people have chocolate as their drug of choice for example, or have a nightly wine habit... or whatever.

For me, on the whole, I just eat too *much* of a pretty healthy diet. I hate to throw food away - so I throw it away inside my body instead ("It's still a waste on my waist" is a mantra I've tried to adopt) And I hate to throw food away... or pass up on something tasty... because I worry about what the future holds financially for me and mine, especially in the current climate of benefits cuts and disability persecution so at the back of my mind is "Enjoy it while you can". I compost, I give leftovers to the dog, I am learning new ways to use leftovers which don't just involve adding more calories and expense. I've learned to compromise - my sons don't eat exactly as I would like but I put before them what they will eat so that I am not tempted to eat their leftovers.

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I do understand the guilt feelings if you throw food away. As a 1947 child we were still in the throes of rationing and it was a sin to waste food. The other thing is you HAD to empty your plate! I love your mantra 'It's waste on your waist' when you eat any leftovers. I do that too and I now pop things in the freezer as soon as I clear the table so I cannot graze on the leftovers!

Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy whatever you eat! I am going to adopt your mantra because that is me to a 'T'!


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