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First run for 15 days. Can't walk now!

I have been suffering with a heavy chest cold for the last few days and therefore not been out running at all. Went out yesterday with no plan or expectations, plus found a new route so lots of new options for future runs. I used Stepping Stones (never done this one before) but I did have to walk during the slower running intervals. I managed 6km in 61 minutes. (Don't laugh!)

When I got home it took me a long time to warm up again. Today my legs ache all over - calf muscles and front of thighs. Because I had walked the last km it didn't occur to me to do my stretches. Lesson learnt! Better run tomorrow - I hope!

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Hiya Beek,

I did stepping stones this morning. I quite like the speed podcast too. I'm going to try the stamina one next ( probably on Saturday) although I must say I'm a bit scared about that one!


Hi runningmam,

Well done on Stepping Stones! I have only done that one once and prefer Stamina and Speed. I found them all doable and still prefer to run with Laura's encouragement. Don't stress about Stamina - I'm sure you'll find it just fine!

Good Luck and ENJOY!


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