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# WLC 9 Hurray! Another 2 pounds gone :-)

Not much to say other than that really.

Christmas is around the corner and I've decided to lose what I can up to Christmas Eve, then forget about it until New Year's Day. This may sound horrifying to many of you but as a reformed ( or in control) binge eater, ( like alcoholics I don't think we'll ever be completely cured) I know that if I deny myself, I will eventually go completely overboard.

If I tell myself I can eat what I want, I won't crave so much and will find it easier to say no. (Sounds daft but it works for me).

Anyway I'm jumping the gun a bit here, there are still 8 more weight losing days to Christmas.

Good Luck everybody.

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Well done on your loss, I have been on the bus for a year pretty much, and am now at maintainance I have had 3 holidays and put on between 3-8lb each time but I know that once an event has finished that's, it regroup and carry on


Thanks Prin,

I'm approaching my 3rd Christmas on "the bus" ( I love that expression!) and have lost 5.5 stone up to now. As this is a new life plan for me and not a quick fix I to am learning take holiday gains on the chin ( or waist) and then, like you, regroup and carry on.


Wow that's a big loss, well done!


Well done. I hoped to do the same but with meals out and weather too stormy to go walking or gardening my weight is static just now.


Thanks Windswept,

I think we're all going to feeling be the same soon, just enjoy the holidays and get back on the wagon as soon as you can :-)


Congratulations, well done :)


Thanks OlsBean. I'd say " Onward and upwards" but it sounds wrong. perhaps "Inwards and Downwards" is more appropriate :-)


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