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An advent of ideas 8 - measuring

Weighing and measuring... I suspect that for most people who need to lose weight there's no way round this one initially. I use MyFitnessPal for calorific values but because I eat fairly varied meals which are often made by someone else rather than by me or ready-made with labels it remains relatively cumbersome to keep up... and I am not always entirely confident about its accuracy. But it is better than letting my eyes and my stomach lie to me constantly.

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The French use cheese for instance, at the end of a meal, to turn off the appetite.

If you eat too much lean protein, you become sick. If you eat too little, you get the kind of hunger where you can't quite put your finger on it but you're still hungry. You should eat the fat that accompanies protein in nature.

If you eat too much refined carbohydrate, your insulin levels go up and you're hungry again; you find it difficult to stop eating. If you eat too much fructose, you body doesn't produce leptin to tell you you've had enough, so you are susceptible to making too much fat, leading to fatty liver disease for instance.

If you feel weak, you may need some carbohydrate to fuel intense activity; carbohydrate is the only fuel that can be used in the absence of oxygen.

If you learn to take notice of your mind and body, measuring becomes like painting by numbers to an artist; obsolete at best, and potentially stifling.


I agree with the idea that measuring can be stifling. However, most people who weigh more than they are comfortable with have got that way through a failure of the mechanisms which a physiological course of breastfeeding would have given them. What is 'too much'? You can try to fit yourself into some particular regime for balance (massive disagreements about what that should be). Unless you go the 'forbidden foods' route instead then measuring can help get you started on recalibrating. Right now I am luxuriating in not measuring but in the New Year I'll be checking again to ensure my guesstimates are not shifting in an unhelpful direction again.


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