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injury knock back :(

hi all,

feeling a bit down in the dumps at the moment as i cant go to the gym due to a knee injury, its made me feel like the last few months of hard work have been for nothing and i feel guilty everytime i eat knowing that i wont be able to burn it off, i do still eat healthily, but the gym work made me feel better about myself and the eating. the physio is unsure when i will be able to walk again properly let alone get back to the gym, soo frustrating.

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Hi whizzpopbang,

Sorry to hear about the injury, but don't be too deflated.

There are are plenty of upper body exercises you can do which won't put a stress on your knee. And you may even be able to do things such as swimming (the water bears your weight, so puts less stain on your knees) at some point during your recovery.

You may remember the old "Bullworker" exerciser. One of the things I discovered a long time ago is that it was popular with disabled ex-servicemen who had lost lower limbs as a way of keeping the rest of their body in tone.

Clearly the priority is to protect the injured knee but it might be worth having a discussion with the physio about what other exercise/activity you can safely do during the recovery period.


thanks doikosp, i will have a chat to the physio when i see her again next week, and ask her what exercises i can do whilst recovering from the knee injury, i believe the hospital has its own hydrotherapy pool aswell which i may ask if she would recommend it/ let me use it to start building my knee strength back up.

i have never heard of the bullworker exerciser ( im 21 at the end of the month) but i will look it up and see what it's all about.


Sorry to hear about your injury - it's really annoying not to be able to exercise. Don't feel guilty about it though since it's out of your control. As long as you keep your diet under control you can still lose the weight.

Have you asked your physio for some exercise suggestions? Hopefully there will be some things you can still do to keep active while you recover.

Hope you get better soon.


plenty of bodyweight exercises you can do at home if mobility is an issue.

press ups

sit ups


the Plank


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