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Weightloss has stopped, why?

At the start of the year I lost nearly 4 stone in 4 months. Sine then I have lost nothing. In fact my weight fluctuates weekly by as much as 7 lb.

I am still religious about recording, weighing etc, kept active, lower calories as weight has gone down. I constantly feel bloated, struggle with diarrhoea then constipation, acid reflux, I have the coil fitted with 2 years left, but my periods have become erratic. Constant headaches, I drink 3 litres of water a day.

What can I do to feel better and get my weight moving.

Thank you

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Hi psiocat, it seems you have a lot going on there at the moment! It may be worth a trip to your doc. Is it the Mirena coil that you have? Are you at the age to be menopausal or approaching it?

7lb is a lot to fluctuate by each week, my sister does this if she eats bread - she isn't diagnosed as coeliac but has terrible bloating and water retention if she eats gluten. I've seen her belly expand massively overnight if she even has a bit of toast or cake.

I would try cutting out gluten, see your doc about your suddenly irregular periods and if you aren't already, do some good brisk walking or exercise to get your metabolism going.

Hope you feel better soon :)


Do go and see your GP. Although giving up wheat/gluten may make you feel better, if you need a blood test to check if you are gluten intolerant you need to have gluten in your system.

Good luck.


Hi psicocat,

Totally agree with NineChooks and Penel - go and see your doctor and find out what is actually going on for you.

It's much better to know what's going on than to guess what might be.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


Yup, it's time to visit the doctor, but I have to ask, why are you drinking 3 litres of water per day? The idea it is healthy has long since been disproven. You may even be consuming too much which can cause problems.


If you are drinking that much because you are compelled to, ask your local pharmacy to check your blood sugar. Asda pharmacy offers blood sugar testing free of charge and is usually quicker and easier than seeing your doctor.

My other question is what are you eating? You say you have lowered your calories, but I don't work in calories. Having experimented with my diet over the last few months I've discovered it's quite easy to give yourself digestive tract issues and if you aren't consuming enough fat (because the brain needs fat to function) you will give yourself headaches.

As you've been altering your nutrition that is almost certainly the cause of your problems. My periods haven't been behaving all year but have gone crazy since I started dieting. Interestingly, my doctor has suggested I get a mirena coil! I'm giving it another few months to see if it settles first.

Can you give us a example day of your diet?

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