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An advent of ideas 2

This one has been really important for me and ties in with the new properly fitted bra - accepting and honouring where I am, being kind to myself and a non-calorific treat.

Body moisturiser! I got myself affordable body moisturisers with a fragrance that was uplifting (some people might benefit more from a 'relaxing' or 'sensuous' type fragrance, me, I love citrussy smells eg M&S (cruelty free) grapefruit 300ml for £1, although part of the fun is the variety. And I use it liberally - it counts as a Random Act of Fitness rubbing it in vigorously, psychologically it feels as though I'm literally massaging away flab, and I hold my abdominal muscles for a count of 10 whilst I do my tum, so there's some toning there too.

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