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An advent of ideas - 1

We'll skip what the scales say this morning as I've had a birthday but I did say that I'd post about how I had come down from the obese range to healthy BMI range. It would be far too long but I thought maybe I could post something each day.

The first one slipped out already in a response to someone else and that was getting a proper bra measurement and fitting with a new bra. A properly fitting bra is more comfortable, makes you look better in your clothes and stand straighter. For me, although I didn't like the size I was told, it was a part of accepting where I was in the here and now and that whether I lost weight or not, I could feel happier when I looked in the mirror. Yes, I felt anxious about the expense but the reality is that if you are losing weight in a sustainable way the bra will be ready for replacement by the time you need a new size.

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