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Anyone used hypnosis audiobooks for weight loss?

My local library has started lending digital audiobooks. Not many in the catalogue so far but whilst I was browsing through I noticed quite a few hypnosis titles, so I decided to borrow one and I have been listening to it. I'm not sure what I think to it - there are so many reasons for being overweight that it is perhaps a bit generic, but worth a go I thought to support my current efforts and, I hope, reset a few things to keep me on the straight and narrow once I have arrived at an optimal weight so that it isn't a conscious effort all the time.

I'm interesting to know if anyone else has tried this and with what results? The one I am using is by Lynda Hudson

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Yes and it didn't make the blindesr bit of difference.


I found them helpful (Paul Mckenna) but needed to listen everynight before bed which was not always posible. Borrowing from a library is a good way to find out if it works for you without the expense of purchase


Yes, I wouldn't have bought anything (weight loss is such an industry) I listen when it is convenient. I also thought it might be kind of useful to do it not long before eating or shopping. I am just hoping that what I can achieve with conscious effort can be moved into an unconscious job and thus not such an effort.


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