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A nice surprise

I did it - I got myself into the healthy BMI range by the NHS calculator. It was a lovely surprise as I'd had a goal of getting to 70kgs by this weekend and last weekend I was 1.2kgs off that. Do-able but a push and a whole load of circumstances meant that it wasn't looking likely. Then yesterday morning I weighed in at 70.3, which was very cheering... and then when I plugged the figures into the calculator in the evening, back it came saying healthy BMI.

I'll post the 'how' and the 'why' another time, but this is down from 89kgs which put me into the obese category, and it has taken 2 months short of 2 years. I am not planning on changing anything at this stage as I have more to lose (and tone up) to be in the optimal position.

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Huge Congratulations, well done! That's a great achievement, you should be very proud of yourself :)


Congratulations! That is an amazing achievement - make sure to post the how at some stage, just so everyone can see what worked for you and we can see if we can pick up any tips :)


Great stuff - well done!


Well done! I think it's going to take me years to get to that stage. Even though I'm losing quickly at the moment I can see the final push down towards actually being considered healthy being a long slog. It's a real achievement and you shouldn't stop smiling or patting yourself on the back all week :)


Great stuff. Well done!


Hi. huge congratulations! amazing achievement.

like you I'm doing it slowly as seeing this as a permanent life change, not a dieting phase. post menopause, I've found weight loss quite slow - 10kgs in five months. I guess that's about a pound a week and considering I'm having what I fancy within limits, I'm pleased.

do post how you achieved your target. well done again! Joanne


Hi GoogleMe,

I bet your new lighter, fitter, slimmer body feels really good to be moving around in!

No more carrying that 'extra' three stone around with you 24/7, eh?

Well done.


Well done! It's a great feeling.


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