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First day on the 12 week programme :)

First day on the 12 week programme :)


I am Kirsty, 35yrs old and currently halfway through my weight loss journey! In just under 18 months I have lost just over 4 stone and I have another 4 stone or so to go. I am a keen horse riding so as you can imagine when the scales were topping 19stone I had to give up. Due to my hard work and 2 amazing personal trainers I managed to get back in the saddle this time last year on my friends heavyweight cob gelding and have since progressed on to her LW cob 4yr old earlier this year. Aiming to be down to my 11 stone/70kg target by the end of April 2014 when I plan to buy another young horse of my own to bring on and compete.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.


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You have done realy well and have a good goal to aim for. Good luck on the rest ofyourweight loss journey.