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# WLC 6 Well this beggers belief!

After losing one pound at the end of a week of careful calorie counting and lots of exercise, I moaned a bit on post 5 and got some lovely encouragement. Thank you.

Anyway, you may remember my saying that I was going away for a few days.

I have not counted calories or done any serious exercise ( apart from last Monday's Zumba and this morning's 5k run ) for almost a week and was really dreading the trip to Boots to get weighed.

So imagine my thrill when I found I'd lost another pound! It's funny how the same amount lost can affect you in different ways isn't it?

I must, I know, be very careful this week in case Karma catches me out.

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Are you following 5:2 ? I've tried but can't manage 500 cals on the two fasting days and being a reformed binge eater, I have to be careful not to deny myself too many things I like, because that's when I go off the rails.


I'm sorry I didn't see your post about 5:2. I watched the brilliant BBC Horizon programme in August 2012, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" (https://vimeo.com/54089463) and then started 5:2 when Kate Harrison's book came out and joined her Facebook group. I then lost three stone (42 pounds/20 kilos) in six months. What's brilliant about it is that I've kept the weight off since just fasting one day a week instead of any other diet in the past where I've yoyoed it all straight back on again and more. I'm 63 and started running with C25K in January, bought a Fitbit in August and have run or walked over 500 miles since then. I was a fat couch potato until I watched that programme - so I can honestly say it changed my life.


That's fantastic Gingernut49. Well done. I too am close to 60 and a C25k er.


Well done!

Don't down play your efforts - Zumba and a 5k definitely count as serious exercise :) It helps motivation to have these good suprises doesn't it. It kind of balances out the dissapointment of weeks where the scale doesn't budge.


Thanks. I usually do at least three runs and a zumba each week, so I felt a bit lazy this week.


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