My progress so far

My progress so far

10 days in bodybuilding now. First 5-7 days were pain as I was a newbie. I have not loose any weight. I have gained weight. I was 102 in the beginning now I am 105 kgs. Don’t know if it’s muscle or the fat. I am not completely 100% stick to the diet yet. Though I love that I fell sleep with in 5 minutes going to the bed as previously it was almost 30-40 minutes. We will see how it goes by January mid before I hit to Austria for a lovely week off.I certainly feel more active than before.


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4 Replies

  • I love that spoon :)

    I strength/weight train 5 times a week, 3 upper 2 lower session, then swap the following week 2 upper 3 lower. I also get really fatigued after sessions, also incredibly hungry which is an odd sensation because I run for an hour each morning and after I've run I really feel I've worked incredibly hard but I don't feel as hungry.

    Anyway keep it up, I always liken strength/weight training to saving, the more you save the better off you'll be in the future, building those muscles will stand you in good stead in the future, raising your BMR and enabling you to burn more daily!

  • Thanks mate

  • Hi Manish83,

    I am sure your strength training will indeed stand you in good stead. Like OlsBean says, it will raise your BMR so that you can burn more calories daily, and that's fantastic.

    Have a good week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Many Thanks Low cal. Hopefully I will be in the shape I want by July holidays

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