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New to the scene!


So the obvious reason I'm here is that I need to loose weight!

I'm not sure what my current weight is as I've been avoiding the scale for a while!

I have previously tried calorie counting but that method just doesn't suit me, I fall straight back into eating whatever the heck I like!

Any advice, ideas, motivational speachs would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for having me folks! :D

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I don't count calories any more. I've had to cut a lot of carbohydrates out of my diet and found that I lost weight when I did. This is one web site that I found useful too.


Good luck with whatever you decide.


Some folks don't weigh but I am obsessive the minute I stop I put weight on its as if I am in denial, so weigh in good or bad. Join us on the Monday weigh in if you like, once you have faced up to your weight work out a goal, but set your self mini ones in- between. My long term was a healthy BMI, but set ones for under xx stone or just moving down a BMI point, when you have reached a mini goal treat yourself, a new something, or beauty treatment. good luck what ever you decide! Plenty of help and support here look at the NHS choices 12 week plan


Knowledge is power.

Oh and nothing wrong with eating what the heck you like. The trick is to make sure that what you like is what is good for you in terms of quality and quantity.


hi and welcome. I've lost my weight by calorie counting and exercise. Portion size is key and also incorporating the things you like into your diet. I've not denied myself chocolate just not eaten as much as I used to. My advice is take one day at a time to make small changes which eventually become habit. Find an exercise you like - there's so much to choose from. Good luck


Thanks guys :D

I think I shall join the Monday weigh in and finally see what the damage is!

I'm looking forward to slowly making the changes that I need to!


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