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New start( again after 2 months break)

I had completely ignored all that I have learned before and in the last 2 months I have gained the weight that I lost before.

I decided to start the plan completely from scracth and not let myself slip into a severe depression caused by my gain weight.

I honestly do not feel ok about my body now and I wish to loose weight.

I have to go to my partner's work party in december and I have an amazing dress that doesn't fit me in the wardrobe and everytime I look at it I want to be able to wear it

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You have an incentive to motivate you which is good. Just stick to the plan calories and exercise. It was the exercise that changed my body shape that everyone comments on! Good luck


IIt will depend on you entirely. I have seen someone loosing a good amount of weight in a month. Two things Dedication and determination will do a lot of work. I have seen in the gym where I am going currently a programme named Insanity. I did watch its trailer on you tube and read reviews. I think that should work for you.


The Insanity workout is extreamly difficult not for the faint hearted.


OMG I saw the ridiculously long advert for the Insanity workout and it looked like a form of self-punishment! Maybe try this instead nhs.uk/livewell/weight-loss... - much more realistic and cheaper! It worked for me :-)


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