5-2 diet thanks for your video links

Hi i just joined this the other day im 52 and weigh 79kg. I have decided to try the 5-2 diet because of others posts i was reading and video clips links i watched. I had my first day yesterday of my hunger day it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, i have never done anything like this before but think its possibly for me. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be i wasn't hungry all the time it kinda comes in waves and i drank plenty water when i did feel hungry so think that helped any other tips for me please.

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  • Well done Caroldody!

    Kate Harrison's book "The 5:2 Diet" is a must-read, and there are Facebook groups you can join to support you, either 5:2 or Intermittent Fasting. Get yourself the MyFitnessPal app. Eat sensibly on your non-fasting days. Only weigh yourself once a week, post-wee and pre-tea, after your second fast of the week. Measure yourself now and take your 'Before' photos to compare with your wonderful 'After' ones! And keep us posted with your progress!

  • Hi gingernut thanks so much for your advise i am reading the book i got it downloaded onto my computer so when i can im reading it, i am already a member of the myfitness the rest i will try as im determined to loose some weight for sure. Thanks a lot for your help

  • I read your updates on how well you have done,this is very inspirational and I will keep going a log in for help and once I have got myself losing some weight I hope to support others,thank you

  • I want to do this also and have just bought the book,its appears to be a good one to do ,as I can see from the positive feedback above.

  • Hi and welcome i think it is a good one for me but time will tell, this is still early days for me but im getting on with the 500cals for 2 days so feeling ok but see how it goes. i decided to do this one as i saw so many people talking about it. good luck to you too

  • I have started this today,like you I will see how it goes,my problem is I appear to focus on food when I diet,but so far today ,have been alright,Good Luck to you,I will update as I go along

  • I know how you feel im the same food food lovely food lol. that's my first week and I have lost 1lb so doing ok

  • What fantastic news! Good luck - it really does work! Xxx

  • Thank you for the support and updates,it does help to motivate

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