Hi everyone, just want to update you on my weight loss. Week 4 has now ended and I've lost 4.84 lbs in total since my start four weeks ago.I weigh in yesterday and loss 1.96 lbs in two weeks.

My body is feeling better since I'm exercising more consistently. I'm planning to change my eating habits to 5:2 diet. I've watched the video and I would like to experience some of the internal results too. I also have a second goal, I want my husband to change his habits and loose some weight. I think if I can be an example for him, he can then make healthy changes that would effect both of our lives.


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12 Replies

  • Congratulations, that's real progress well done :) Good Luck with the rest of the plan.

  • I hate the word diet, and i espcially think the 5:2 diet is a wrong move....

    personally I would change then entire food lifestyle because a diet implies you can and most likely will go back to old habbits once youve hit the target..

    by committing and changing the lifestyle of food, you will see far more benefits and gains (losses) from it whilst working in the gym.

    think of it like a suasage machine, if you use quality ingredients you get a quality suasage, if you mix 50/50 (good and bad) then you get an average sausage, and if you put just poor quality ingredients in then youll have a poor sausage...

    in essence you get out what you put in...

  • I agreed as you are what you eat. It's either completely leave something or not there is no 50/50 there is always 100/0 or 0/100

  • Hi SimonPrice33, I do share your belief in food lifestyle rather than a diet. I want to include fasting in my life now. I thought for a long time that it would be too hard but the benefits out way the discomfort. Two days of fasting, Friday and Monday and on the regular, I will count calorie. This lifestyle is what I want to embrace. I have always been careful with my body weigh but could not understand why my body was changing and I was doing the same thing. Now that I started reading the messages on this site and viewing some of the videos, it occurred to me that I was addicted to sugar. So I have now omitted sugar from my tea and get my sugar from fruit.

  • i too love sugar, and i can actually with fact state that you do need sugar in your life.

    Sugar is an instand carbohydrate which will give you an energy kick (for a short time) but also provides the necessary glucose for the brain to function adequately.

    its not about cutting things out completely, its about being sensible....

    the 5:2 diet in my opinion is not a sensible route, nor is cutting things out completely...

  • I see your point.

  • Yes - you do need sugar...but you do NOT need refined sugar. You can get all the sugar you need from fruit and veg - it's fructose and does not require insulin to break it down - and the natural sugars that occur in most foods.

    This is also best for anyone who has diabetes or Impaired Glucose Tolerance

  • Well done in your weight loss over the last four weeks, I do not go along with the 5:2 plan but if you feel it is right for you at this point in your journey give it a go - at the end of the week your calories will still probably work out the same anyway. As far as sugar goes, I stopped taking sugar in my drinks years ago and would def not start putting it into my drinks again, I doubt if I could drink it now. If I feel I wanted something sweet, there is always that calorie counted bar of choccy or jelly tots even demera or natures own honey on your porridge for a kick.

    Well done anyway and onwards and downwards.

  • I too hate the word 'diet' - it's about changing your life so it has to be a way of eating that you can sustain indefinitely.

    When you are trying to reach your target weight you sometimes reach a 'plateau' and things like the 5:2 can help you to get over this but it is only a short term measure.

  • Well done you. x

  • I have been very successful on the 5:2 as it is also about health benefits not just losing weight. The main point of 5:2 is that you are far more aware of what your body is telling you and to become more conscious of what you are eating. I have also read “Why We Get Fat” by Gary Taubes and how the different food groups are used by the body.

  • Thanks, Vandame for the information on the book. I also like the health benefits on using this type of system.

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