Anyone tried planking?

I was sent a link about a planking challenge which is apparently great at toning and strengthening the core. It doesn't take long, can be done pretty much anywhere and doesn't need any equipment.

It looked so easy and straight forward, it said to start with you just have to hold the position for 20 seconds, how hard could that be I thought ....... Seriously, I have never been so wrong!!

I only managed 10 seconds before I couldn't hold it any longer, hats most definitely off to anyone who can do that, its so much harder than it looks!

Not giving up yet though, I figure 10 seconds is better than none and hopefully I can build up to longer although maybe at a slower pace than the challenge suggests. Has anyone else tried it, hopefully I'm not the only one that found it so difficult?


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  • I have been planking most every day and have gotten to almost a minute. I try to zone out (pretty normal for me HA!) Try to add 5 seconds each day. It is supposed to be one of the best abdominal exercises you can do.

  • Yes, do this in some of the exercise classes I do. Am up to 1 minute - its a killer but effective :-)

  • Yes hold the position for 1 minute once you get used to doing it for 10 seconds, then 20 etc, gives you the shakes but is great for back and posture and core, keep going x :-) which link did you use?

  • I do it as part of my morning sun salutation yoga routine - just a couple of rounds for stretching. Recently been doing it as part of an abs routine in the health unlocked exercise set. Important to not sag though as this can be bad for your back. Would be interested in the link you used.

  • I've never heard of it, can you share the link I would be interested in seeing it to satisfy my curiosity :)

  • Is it doing a press up and holding the position? That is my guess. Please enlighten me

  • The Plank is the same as the 'press ups'. The Salutes to the sun is a no go area for people with hypertension, heart conditions, etc. Must be avoided by anyone with osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, repetitive strain injury etc.


    That's the link I got, it looked so easy on day one just 20 seconds, that was until I tried it lol! I'm modifying it a bit to suit as I only managed 10 seconds on my first day (although I did 5 reps in the hope that I could hold it longer in one go but never did!) tonight I will aim for 20 seconds but will be happy to achieve 15, working on the theory that any gain day on day must be good.

    I'm not a huge fan of exercise as I'm very self conscious so this is great for me and even on my first day I could feel where its working especially on my tummy and thighs so that's definitely worth carrying on with I think. Also the suggested 'child's pose' afterwards is something else I'd never heard of before but its lovely and relaxing :-)

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