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My fitness friend

I've just started using my fitness friend, and I seem to get over the sugar allowance without trying, in fact I try not to. All I did this morning was have a slice of wholemeal toast with a teaspoon of honey, and I'm over already. So no hot lemon and honey for my horrid cold. If I cut down on fat, I ended up in credit with that yesterday ( my first day) using it, wil that be ok as the total calorie was just 63 cals under my 1200 target.

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The sugar - ration is very low-I always go over and I really don't eat a lot sugary stuff. Whenever I plateau in weight - I cut out all sugar - this seems to kick start the metabolism again.

I would concentrate - on 1400 calories a day to start- you can amend MFP to do this and try to spread your calories evenly -I think staying within this limit will mean weight loss for you. And if hot lemon and honey is what you need for a cold - go for it:-)


Thank you that is what I needed to know,


Don't worry too much about the calories, not all calories are the same, and it takes a little time to work out what is effective for you. It's very important to be having good nutritious food. I make sure to keep eating fat like butter to ensure that my body can absorb fat soluble vitamins like vit D.



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