how can i lose weight when i have health probs & cant exercise properly?im on a lot of meds including pregabalin,is there an alternative?

my weight gain started when i gave up smoking had a major op for colon cancer & i also have chronic back pain a bit of arthritis & fibromyalgia which causes pain all over.i try to do what i can & walk as much as i am able to but i find everything a struggle to the point where i dont go out much cos of the pain,i only eat breakfast usually porridge or weetabix & dinner i eat as healthy as i can but im still getting bigger ive put on 4 stone in 4 yrs! o yes i went thru menopause too at the same just gets me down as i used to be so active its like a bomb has hit 5ft 3" & about 11st10.


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  • Sorry to hear that! I don't know anything about the conditions you've mentioned above but do know that most swimming pools run aqua classes. They're good because you haven't got the weight on your joints as you do in regular exercise. Even if you manage to go once or twice a week - it's still better than nothing! If you try it and its not for you at least you can say you've tried!! What do you have for dinner? Are your portions "normal" size?

  • hi i did try swimming altho i cant swim properly but i found it so hard to get out the pool it was so embarrasing lol,my whole body felt like lead & my legs wouldnt work,i was a bit annoyed with me tho as i really enjoyed it,yes my portions sizes are normal most of the time

  • There are some web sites that show you exercises you can do sitting down. This is the NHS one but there are others.

  • thank you

  • Hi Bluebell

    Sorry to hear about your problems. Do you know if your fibromyalgia is made worse by specific foods? For some people gluten can be a problem. My symptoms of gluten intolerance included joint pain, and I was overweight. Some people have a problem with artificial sweeteners.

    If you cannot move around much it is probably a good idea to cut down on your carbohydrates generally and watch out for hidden sugar. Perhaps try a protein based breakfast if you can, I eat eggs most days. I also include real fats like butter.

    There is a fibro site on HU called FibroAction which might be helpful.

    Good luck.

  • thank i dont no if fibro is made worse by certain foods,i never really thought about it but its worth a try to see if eliminating certain groups help & i have noticed that carbs do make me more bloated & sluggish so ive cut down on those im on the fibro action site thanx give the gluton one a try thank you

  • I do a lot of core exercises either sitting or laying on the floor as I have hip problems and a fibrosis on my foot. I do at least 10 mins per day and if I have time I repeat them several times over, sometimes for as long as an hour (usually during X Factor!) It's having a wonderful effect on my hips and waist. Remember, as long as you are building muscle somewhere, it is burning fat for you.

  • thank you,i dont think il be able to do all that as i still get a lot of abdo pain were i had my op even tho it was 2 yrs ago,i also ache all over due to fibromyalgia so most things are a struggle,il give it a go tho maybe little & often if i can :) (fibro is not just a normal ache it burns) x

  • Hi Bluebell, I have a connective tissue disease and early menopause and struggle with weight, so I understand it's difficult at times to feel like dieting as you ache or totally tired out, I walk when I can but at times this make my joints hurt too, also have you tried gentle exercises like pilates type not some much stress across abdo area, I have found some cast pods on NHS site. Good luck hope to chat again x

  • hi featherfly,thank you that sound good il look into it. cant win can we?thats the trouble we try to help ourselves but were left in total agony & cant go out again for a few days its a vicious circle.thanx for that tho talk soon x

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