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is it ok to eat raw garlic ,if so how much daily?

Hi all.just joined this forum in the hope of getting some real motivation to lose some weight .I am 16.25 stones ,5ft8.5in, only relatively recently [4yrs] gained2.5st since taking blood pressure medication and statins.but despite my weight and medication I am active and relatively fit,age 73 going on 53 ,eating a good haelthy diet.Wher am i going wrong ,is there any hope for me? Doctors have been no help,other than exercise on prescription.Advice please. fatlossman

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i think you will find that eating garlic raw will be difficult. Its an irritant.

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Why do you want to eat raw garlic? Are you calorie counting as well as exercising? I was eating a health diet before I started the NHS weight loss plan - just too much of it! :-). I now portion control and have slowly lost weight. Just 5lb to go to not being overweight on the charts.


Same here, until i got the calories under control i couldnt lose the wt


thanks for your replies,ok ,so forget the raw garlic [someones idea] My diet seems pretty good to me,low fat,plenty of fruit &veg .,fish &lean meat.,Today i had 1 small toast,2 boiled eggs at breakfast,homemade veg soup [ lunch] and small jacket potato with small ham salad .Snacks,3 pears and 3 coffees. Count calls!! is it too much?


Seems about right to me. If you can bear to part with potatoes that might help you lose weight quicker. They convert to glucose particularly fast in the body which is why we find them so satisfying, but glucose runs out fast and can cause a dip in your blood sugar a few hours later. That's probably why you needed so many pears. Try snacking on very small quantities of cashew nuts or adding them to your salad instead of eating potatoes. They will hold your blood sugar steady and fill you up for longer.


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