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Daring to join in!

Well I've been "dieting" for around 2 years and 7 months and have lost 4 stones.Sounds good but have lost nothing for around 6 months. Last week I weighed in at 16st 2lb and decided to Log all my food and exercise to see if my weight loss would kick in again.

So far it's been 10 days. I now need to pluck up courage to get on the scales...I'll go on Monday.

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Good Luck with that, logging is definitely the way forward in my opinion that way you can keep track exactly on what you are eating and adjust as necessary.

I did not calorie count or log when I lost all my weight but I have found it an almost essential tool since I have been in maintenance.


I fond not only logging but weiging portions of rice, pasta etc essential. Good luck and hopefully you will get a good result on Monday. If not just keep at it and you will get there eventually. Let us know.


Thanks for the encouragement. :-)


I've just started using myfitnesspal and c25k again as I also hadn't lost any weight for over 6 months (and had been gradually putting it back on for the last month!). Weighing things like rice and pasta makes such a difference. I cooked enough rice for 4 servings last night and it looked like almost nothing in the pan! When I served it though I could see that I had the right quantity for sensibly sized portions rather than my usual over-estimates!

I was the same weight as you when I weighed in this morning. I hope your weigh-in today is what you're hoping for. Best of luck.


Thanks Legion.

I did weigh in...not too happy.

I'll try to stay positive though and continue with the running and myfitnesspal.

Fingers crossed for next Monday.


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