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Well, after the hiccup of the holiday and settling back down to healthy eating, I am now + 3lbs than my pre-holiday weight. 6lbs gone since my return, so hopefully the 3lbs will disappear quickly as well.

My aim is still to get to 13 st 7 lbs by Christmas - so thats 15lbs between now and then.

Feeling healthier again now, the virus is on the way out - looking forward to getting outside and walking tomorrow.

Good luck everyone for the coming week and thanks for the support and motivation over this last week - once again!

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Hi there!

I'm off to Tenerife for a couple of weeks in a few days and having managed to get down from just over 14st to 12st 12lbs on the NHS plan (with Herbalife added!) I plan to take a break form dieting and I'll post the 'awful truth' when I get back!!!!


Told you a good % of the gain would be gone in the first week :) You sound like you are back on track and in the groove, I'm sure you'll reach your target by Xmas.


Thanks OlsBean - yes, you were right! Not sure about the target by Christmas as I might need a foot op and be basically off my feet for 2 weeks and then very limited walking, but it is good to have an aim!


Hi bispers,

Well done!


Great - back on track. Keep it up.x


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