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Weigh in for Monday 14th October

Had a good week this week, mostly staying on plan. My weight this morning was 65.9kg, down from 66.5kg last week. I'm on holiday in Spain this week yay :) So, my aim for the week is just not to put on weight!

I've decided to keep the running shoes that gave me a blister last weekend, since I've been fine running in them since. But I want to take back the fancy inners they made for me at the shop, since they seemed to be causing the blister! Didn't manage a long run this weekend as I was too busy in the garden and trying to buy some new clothes for my holiday. Wanted to get a new bikini (in size 12!) but shops now stocking Xmas stuff doh! Have to go to the beach in my gym swimming costume I guess.

Hope everyone had a good week. Please reply to let me know how you are doing.

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Well done for last week and good luck for the coming one. Enjoy Spain and the sunshine.

I put on 8 lbs when away over two weeks (once upon a time that would probably have been in a week). 1 lb more went once home before I got back on track.

One week later, the weight has started to come off and I am now fully back on track.

Good luck and have fun.


Hi hopefully you will be more dicplined than me on the costa del sol last week- 11.6 this week so 3 holiday pounds gone - like the idea of a size 12 costume!


I eventually found a swim costume at the shop in the gym. Not a bikini but better for lounging on the beach than my speedo :)


Congratulations on the loss. As for the blister, investment in good socks can be almost as important as shoe choice and can really help prevent things like blisters as well as offering well needed support.

Enjoy your break, has to be warmer than it is here currently :)


Thanks for the reply. I've got some running socks I picked up at TKMax so perhaps not the best, but had no problems with my old shoes! Went for another run on holiday with the new shoes with standard insoles and it was fine.

When I take back the fancy inners I'll have a look for some new running socks as well :)


Enjoy spain - when i went in the summer - I ran every other day - and crucially looked at loaded calories and things I did not really enjoy. So i decided not to do bread and avoided chips and any other such rubbish. i did not feel deprived as I drank what i want and generally ate what I wanted - and I stayed the same weight.

Anyway - whatever enjoy your holiday :-)


I don't think I was as disciplined as you, but I avoiding having a big lunch and dinner and tried to pick the healthier options on the menu.

Somehow I've managed to stay exactly the same weight, so must have done ok!


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