Stomach ache after cereal!!

Hi all,

So im on weight watchers and tend to have the weekends for my treats.

I gave up eating my fav cereal which is the kellogs crunchy nut clusters with the chocolate curls about a month ago when I started dieting again.

so as a treat this weekend I bought a box and had a bowl this morning...about an hour later I am greated with massive stomach cramps!!!

Has anyone else had this or know why this would be?

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  • I would guess that there must be quite a difference between your two breakfasts? The Kellogs has got a lot of sugar in it and little fibre.

    I usually have a protein breakfast and when I tried cereal again I got a stomach ache. It didn't suit my body any more.

    Perhaps you need to find a different treat?

  • Yeah sounds about right...I have a protein shake or just started having porridge. It must me the sugar...I dont really eat sugar apart from a bit of honey in my shake and the fruit in sugar!

    I change my treat every week, last week I had white bread :)

    Ill give it another go tomorrow and see what happens :) x

  • My weekend treat is a cooked brunch on a Sunday. not the 'full Scottish' but a version with a sausage and rasher of bacon with lots of tomatoes & mushrooms & tattie scones.

    I think to maintain weight loss its best not to think of being 'on' a diet rather than changing the way you eat for life. I still have all the foods I have always eaten (a basically healthy diet)but less of them. Good luck with your weight loss.

  • thats a great way of looking at it :) it all started with me clean eating but started to slip and get lazy. but weight watchers allows you to eat anything you want really thats why i love it :)

    i love a full english...might have to do that next week! :D

  • Might be your body's way of telling you to stop eating that particular cereal. I always feel sleepy and bloated after cereals!

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