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struggling with getting the balance :/

hey everyone havent posted in a while, starting to get things back on track after the initial shock of starting uni ( and my partners 21st at the weekend) have signed up to the gym and am commiting 3 days a week to get me on the road to a slimmer, happier and healthier me, i use myfitnesspal to keep an track of what i eat and i am having difficulties with actually eating over 1200 cals but i always go over the protein recomended for me, i feel i eat quite reasonable and was wondering if any one had any suggestions on what i could do to bump my calories up and my protein levels down? and also whether or not the extra protein is the reason why i haven't been loosing weight?



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Reducing your portion size of protein may facilitate eating more fat, which will increase your kcalorie intake without raising your insulin levels. Excess ingested protein can be turned to glucose, inhibiting weight loss.

Do you also eat high-glycaemic foods such as wholemeal bread, jacket potatoes, cornflakes, bran flakes, Shredded Wheat or Weetabix that raise your insulin levels, or fermented dairy foods that can also spike insulin levels?


hi concerned yes i have 1 weetabix with a banana for breakfast every morning and try to eat things like jacket potatoes and wholemeal products as much as i can.


High-glycaemic foods are not good. They raise your blood sugar, causing insulin levels to rise in an attempt to lower the blood glucose within a tightly controlled range. Glucose is stored in your muscles and your liver as glycogen. When these stores are full, any additional is stored as fat. Raised insulin levels also promote the deposition of fat by stimulating lipoprotein lipase. Whilst this state remains, you can't burn body fat.

Despite their healthy image, you need to eat less of these foods. Vegetables and temperate fruits are better sources of slow-release carbohydrates, along with small amounts of quinoa, bulgur wheat, whole-oats, pulses, nuts and seeds


thanks concerned a lot of useful information there, would a healthier alternative to breakfast be banana with greek yogurt and honey or something like that? i do eat alot of veg (beef stew for tea yummy!!) and salad and try and eat a lot of fruit too.


Leave out the honey, it's just sugar, perhaps add some nuts with the fruit.


Eating a reasonable amount of protein has been shown to help with weight loss.


If you want to understand the effects of food on the body, have a look for Robert Lustig, an American obesity expert. He explains why you should cut out processed foods and sugar, and up your intake of fibre (lots of vegetables). Eat some real fat if you want to up your calories, and avoid the nasty stuff in plastic tubs.


Hi Kayleigh—if you really want to increase calories and reduce protein, just eat cake! Lots of calories and virtually no protein. :-)

Actually, getting calories from protein is probably a good thing. It means you're not getting too many calories from saturated fat (or alcohol) which would be unhealthy. It also means you're not eating a lot of refined sugar, which can make it harder to control your eating overall.

Good luck.


Hi kayleigh, i was wondering what foods you eat that makes you go over the protein level because I am vegetarian and need to eat more protein...don't suppose you can suggest any non meat products. Don't worry if not :) all the best with your weight loss plan, you sound very determined, committed and motivated. You've inspired me to want to do more exercise!

Chrissie x


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