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Weigh in for Monday 7th Oct

My weight today was 66.5kg, down from 67.4kg last week. So I managed my goal for this week to get back down to less than 67kg. Only 2.5kg to go to "healthy BMI". My aim for this week is to get below 66kg, not sure I will manage that but I'm going to try my best!

This week I went to get new running shoes from Sweatshop as my old ones are falling to pieces. I went through the gait analysis where they do a photo of your arches and video you on a treadmill. It was really useful, but I could not help thinking that I would not have dared to get running shoes properly fitted when I was very overweight :) I got a pair of "mild support" running shoes and headed off for a 10k run on Sunday. I enjoyed my run in the lovely sunshine but I got a little blister from the new shoes :( Trying to decide whether to give them a couple of weeks or if I should just take back and try another pair.

Hope everyone else has a good week! See you next Monday for the weekly weigh in.

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Hi Albionjen, thanks for sorting out the weigh-in this week. I'm please to report that I'm also down 2lb on last week, yeah! :-)

You're doing brilliantly well with the running. I'm swimming and cycling lots but i'm afraid running and I don't get on too well. I've lost 13lb in total and you've just prompted me to recalculate my BMI - at 5'7" I've got a smidgin more to go. Will keep on pushing this week. Best of luck, see you at the weigh next week :-)


Well done. Thumbs up for the good work.

I did not think I would like the running as much as I do. I started with couch to 5k and found even 5mins run quite a challenge at the start. I've always liked going for a walk on the weekend, but now go for a longer run instead. It's lovely to get a chance to enjoy the countryside and see all the autumn leaves. I listen to my iPod as well, so it is quite a stress reliever :)


Wow I am impressed a 10k run!! Dont think I could run to catch a bus!! However I note we are of a similar weight, with similar goals. I shall follow your progress and hope to be inspired. Thanks


Hello - Sorry what is your height and your goals? Where is the weekly weigh in just out of interest?


Hi Ronaj

The weekly weigh in is just my way of keeping track of how I am doing - if I plan to post my weight it keeps me more motivated to keep on track. It is a virtual online weight loss club rather than a physical one. I weigh on my bathroom scales at home on Monday morning before work :)

My height is 5ft3, goal (for now) 64kg. I worked this out by aiming for a BMI of 25, which the upper end of healthy weight.

Feel free to join us for the weekly weigh in if you want and let us know how you are doing!


Many Thanks Albion Jen.


Thanks where is Lowcal? I have been on holiday even though I did a 10k my first run ever and a 21k walk I sill managed to put on 4lb, had a lovely couple of weeks off and was 11lb 9 in Monday, boy was it hard getting back on those scales ( argh!) but am down to 11lb 7lb tonight ..... I have got a leaving do on Friday and an overnight at a hotel on Saturday I rally need to get a grip this week! good luck everyone


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