I did it!!!

Started the change for life diet on 18th June, weighing 11st- overweight in BMI index. My target was 9st 7lbs by the 8th October. As of the 1st October, my weight is 9st 6lbs and I'm in the normal part of the BMI index. I'm so much happier and healthier, 2 dress sizes smaller, so am shopping for a new outfit on Tuesday to go and see Bruno Mars in concert next week. Yipee!!!


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  • Massive congratulations, well done :)

  • Thanks! :-)

  • Well done you - doesn't it feel great?!!! Now to keep it off!

    I lost three stone on the 5:2 Diet, only eating 500 calories two days a week. The best part is that now I keep the weight off by just doing that one day a week and I've kept my weight constant now since May. I also bought a Fitbit Zip which I wear all the time clipped to my bra or pants and I aim at walking/running 10,000 steps a day.

  • Can you tell me please what a Fitbit Zip is? How do you know how many steps you take?

  • fitbit.com/uk/store - I bought my Zip on Amazon. I chose the Zip as it was the cheapest one and I love it!

  • very impressed reading your history ! I am going to get Kate Harrison's book tomorrow . How many calories per day did you average on non fasting days?

  • I allowed myself up to 1500 which was approximately my TDEE when I started. I was happy not to take my 'diet' with me when socialising but in practice that was my average on non-fasting days. (I'm in Kate's book - the Linda who took up running!)

  • well done on the three stone, I have just started in my aim to lose weight and notes like this give me hope!! What is the 5:2 diet?

  • I've put links on this thread Fred to the original programme. Five days a week of eating normally but under 2000 calories and two non-consecutive days of 500 calories for women, 600 for men. Either get Kate Harrison's 5:2 Diet or Michael Mosley's Fast Diet - the principles are the same.

  • Thank you

  • Hi,

    I am starting 5:2 diet this week. Have you got any special tips??

    Thanks :)

  • Hi. I did my weight loss through change for life, not 5:2- not heard good things about that! I started by being very strict with low calorie and low fat items and smaller portions- and very importantly, write EVERYTHING down as you will see where you go right or wrong. I managed to stick to the 1400 cals a day at least 5 days a week, but the 1st 2 weeks were tough! And weigh yourself at the same time just once a week- I loved Tuesday mornings! And I didn't start to exercise til I lost the weight as I have bad knees. Nb- since starting it last June at 11st, I'm now 9st, run 3-4 times a week and feel amazing!! Very good luck and be determined.

  • What a great result... Hope i get there one day

  • Biggest tip would be to use the MyFitnessPal app on your two fasting days to keep to the 500 calories. This video explains the diet well:

    . Have plenty of drinks during the day to assuage any hunger pangs - hunger goes in waves and doesn't get worse. Join one of the 5:2 Facebook groups for support. It's so worth doing for your health. As in the title of the original video, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" - at 64, I intend living healthily for another 40 years!

  • Thanks ☺️

  • Jolly well done!! Congratulations!I I bet you feel great. I did it too with the 5:2 diet, although actually Michael Moseley's 'Fast Diet' - which amounts to the same thing. I'd always had faith in the Weight Watchers system until earlier this year when it suddenly dawned on me that all they really cared about was selling their crisps and chocolate bars with the attitude 'If it's WW brand then it has to be OK'!! On the fasting system [now just 1 day per week] I now weigh 9st 3lbs [I'm 5'7"] a weight I've never been since my teens. Given I'm now 70 that's a lot of years. Like gingernut I also walk several times a week, briskly and at least 2 miles, that being the distance there and back to buy a newspaper!

  • Wonderful, isn't it! I'm 64 and, at 5'8" had been a size 16 for years, and at my lowest had been a size 14. I wanted to get back to being a 12 again but I've ended up a size 10 and 9 stone 5 pounds. I started the Fast Diet after watching Michael's Horizon programme last August (www.vimeo.com/54089463) and by January I felt so wonderful that I started the C25K running podcasts and now run three times a week. I try to cover an average of five miles a day - it does help that I no longer have a car. I've saved so much on this diet on food bills - which of course I've used to buy smaller clothes - and all my big clothes have gone to the charity shops!

  • I went shopping for new clothes last week having sent my large ones to the charity shop too. I came home empty handed as all the clothes that interested me were only available in 14/16 and upwards to 22! When I wore a 16/14 everything I fancied was only ever available in 10/12. Sod's law !!

  • I do all my clothes shopping online so it's easy-peasy. I have long legs so I just search on eBay for "M&S (whatever you're looking for) 10 long" and shop from the results. All my jeans/trousers came from there, new ones, and I rarely paid more than £10.

  • That sounds useful, thanks for the tip.

  • OlsBean,

    Congratulations and well done on your weight-loss journey, It's such a wonderful feeling knowing that you have done it.

  • Thanks! :-)

  • Well done! Very envious - have 2 stone to go, and losing motivation - how did you keep it?

  • I think seeing my body change and feeling better helped, along with supportive friends who were always commenting on how noticeable the loss was. And after 2 months of proper 'dieting', I just made sure I ate carefully and chose healthier options. Haven't 'starved' myself during the last few months at all. Good luck!

  • Thanks :)

  • Fantastic news....Well Done!

  • Thanks! :-)

  • Well done you. enjoy your shopping

  • Thanks, will do! Last time I properly clothes shopped was 4 years ago for maternity wear!!

  • Welll done lost 1.5 stone early this year on the Dukan then Put .5 back on when l decided not to follow it lots of events. Weddings etc so hoping to have success this time with the 1400 nhs plan and get fit, struggling with the excercise but that's my goal do and not just play at it. I am 53 work fulltime.

  • It really does work. I only went over 1400cals a few times, writing everything down really helped. Must admit, didn't start running til 4 weeks ago as I knew the excess weight would put pressure on my dodgy knees, but am running 5 miles comfortably.

  • I've always been a very active person, serious gardener etc and not one for using the excuse of my age not to do what needs doing.

    A health scare [high blood pressure] and some knee arthritis that I didn't want to get any worse earlier in the year were my triggers for taking up walking. Now I walk briskly every day if possible but at least every other day: Feel great. Why pay mega bucks to go to a gym when walking is so good for you and is free?

    Seriously thinking of getting a dog!

  • Congratulations on your success - I'm very envious! I make a good start every Sunday but can't resist temptation at the weekend so end up back at square 1 every Sunday. I guess frame of mind is as important as the eating plan you choose. Anyway, well done and enjoy your new self x

  • I'm exactly the same as you, but my diet goes out the window with the first signs of stress in my life, I start to comfort eat. I do believe you've got to be in the right frame of mind and have a back up plan when things get tough, when starting a more healthier way of eating.

  • Thanks! Try alternatives or small versions of your temptations, trying to resist completely will do more damage. Good luck and keep at it.

  • I'm sure you're right about frame of mind but that seems to come more easily the longer you do it.

  • well done.

  • Thanks! :-)

  • Fantastic well done you you must feel amazing!!!

  • Thanks! And yes, I do feel amazing, as Bruno sings, lol! ;-)

  • Congratulations, Penguin 77 - you are a star!! I am sure you will keep the weight down, as one feels SO good achieving one's goal !

    I was also interested to hear Garden-Gnome's story and her success with walking lots and following the 5:2 diet. I am your age, G-G, and also have arthritis in my knees. Have been doing better this year than ever before, as lost 15kg which equates to circa 2st5lb... But owing to family issues and consequent stress last week, I have put on 2lb since Friday.. Losing in itself is a spur to continue... Will try just to have water for the rest of the day as have already consumed 1500cal approx. I may go for a walk - and later on look into the 5:2 regime which many people are finding hugely effective. One thing though, since joining this site, having a bit of "natural fat" has been a great help - as I have not had a craving for chocolates for many months now! I think I shall exercise++ for the next few days, to get back on track.

  • Agree with you on the natural fat, it certainly helps stop the cravings. Good luck with the weight loss!

  • Thanks! Will definitely keep the weight off as I have photos to remind me of how I looked and it's still in my mind how unhappy I was. I personally would definitely recommend the NHS 1400cal diet, however good luck with what works for you.

  • I agree with you on the natural fat - a bit of real butter didn't hurt anyone. All those polyunsaturated margarines and Flora/Benecol are just so much chemical gunk. When they measure cholesterol, hdl, ldl and triglycerides etc isn't that exactly what margarine is- triglyceride?,

  • Absolutely - a great discovery!

  • congratulations

  • Thanks! :-)

  • Very well done. I need to loose about the same amount of weight so glad to have an idea of how long it will take -hopefully!

  • Lol, yes! Ideally 12 weeks would've been good, as the diet states, but August was lots of celebratory meals etc, so glad I gave myself 16 weeks. Because I lost it carefully, like to think it'll stay off better. Good luck!

  • Thats great to hear - do you also mind me asking your height! I would like to work towards your goal thanks

  • I'm between 5' 4" and 5' 5", depending where I'm measured! I do personally think that 12-16 weeks on the NHS diet does work. I also have 2 friends doing it now who also are having success. Good luck!

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