want to lose weight and go to the gym but i keep on thinking everyone will stare as im a quite big

hi, ive just started uni and would like to join the gym that is just down the road, however i keep on putting it off as i keep thinking that because i am quite big people will stare... Does anybody else feel this way? should i stay in and do exercises at home and if so which ones to lose weight?


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  • hi - get yourself off to the gym. There are all shapes and sizes there so don't be put off. I started 2 years ago and was 3 stone overweight. If there are any exercise classes have a go because its more fun than exercising at home alone. Good luck!

  • Hi definitely go along, you'll be pleasntly surprised. I joined a few weeks ago and i'm really loving it now. People are too busy in the "zone" to be staring at anyone else.

  • I joined a gym on Monday and have had my induction and have a health check Friday. I need to lose 3 stone and I put it off as I have an exercise bike and other stuff at home. I planned to exercise at home but something always crops up or I can't be bothered! Now the weather has changed I think a gym would be better, I am out for the school run so I may as well stay out, otherwise once i'm home i'd probably sit and eat!! Good luck, and go for it!

  • I agree, all sorts of shapes, sizes and ages. Classes such as aquafit etc are fun too.

  • Go to the gym :) You will be supported with a plan which will mark your progress and help you achieve your goals. You will be with others who are out to achieve the same thing. You'll get encoragement to keep going, possibly get a chance to meet others and avoid the temptation of just sitting down cause your fav program has just came on.

  • I joined my uni gym last week. There is honestly nothing to fear, after the first hurdle of actually going in there. that was the worst bit for me - everybody looked like they knew what they were doing, and I looked like a lost bunny rabbit or something. After your Iinduction, Iit gets a lot easier. My bboyfriend was worried about me getting on the crosstrainer (I'm fairly big too, and have the boobs to match). All I said to him was "everyone is too far up their own backsides to care about mine". And honestly, it's true.

    My uni gym doesn't do classes (not sure about yours), but classes are apparently really useful: it starta to get you into a routine, and it becomes more a social thing than "gottaloseweight".

    Everyone is there for the same reason as you. Everyone has to start somewhere.

    Good luck :-)

  • Classes and gyms are really not my thing for a whole variety of reasons, including cost. I find it unfortunate that getting fit/losing weight have come to be seen as meaning 'gym'. Unless you actively want to do it that way and it will encourage you to make exercise part of your life.

    If you are here, you know (I hope!) about the NHS weight loss programme which includes exercise ideas. That includes free NHS Couch to 5K podcasts (Ok so the gym treadmill might be useful to do them on if you don't have a suitable time/place/buddy to run safely through the winter) There's also free NHS Strength and Flexibility podcasts to do on the non-running days. I also use free Ekhart Yoga videos on YouTube and the Ekhart Yoga site - all good for getting toned, improving mood and burning a few calories. You could even start off with something like this and then 'treat' yourself to the gym, which would make the whole thing feel different and more positive.

  • The type of people who wud be prone to judging others are probably too preoccupied with watching themselves working out in the mirror anyway...they're usually the most insecure too. Don't let anyone stop you doing what you want...I'm sure once you attend the first time you will feel much more at ease from there on. Just remind yourself you have as much right to be there as everyone else. Have fun and happy times x

  • i joined the gym in august I have 7stone to lose , which is hard when you have thyroid problems ,don't ever feel worried about joining you will be amazed how well it will make you feel , and hold your head up your as good as everyone else , good luck , I hope it helps you

  • Do it now, best advice I had a few weeks ago was think of the consequences of inaction. DO it thats why people go to the gym and exercise, nobody would go if we didnt need to, Stares are probably for admiration that your doing something about weight loss think positive.:)

  • big t-shirt, jogging trousers and forget about everyone else.Remember most people are at the gym because there is something about themselves they want to change.

  • Hi emza95,

    Try to think of it more long term.

    EVEN IF - which probably isn't really the case - they stare at you now, I bet they'll be staring at you more and for different reasons when you've lost the weight and by then you'll feel just sooooooo much better in your lighter, fitter, slimmer body that you won't give a hoot about who's staring anyhow!

    It amazes me how many people still come up to me and ask, 'have you lost a lot of weight?'

    So the process might involve a bit of inconvenience and perhaps even a bit of self-consciousness, but the rewards are well worth it - yes, even the ego / vanity ones!

    Good luck with your weight loss journey.

  • I joined the gym at the start of a new semester at uni. It's the final year and the countdown is beginning until graduation. I often go to fitness classes with a good friend. We are both overweight (probably obese if you go by BMI) but we're trying to do something about it- as are you!

    People in the classes are small and fit but the instructor was kind and really encouraged us. We go to the gym once a week, kettlebells training once a week and boxing and interval training once a week.

    Go for it! Despite the fact that I often get 'school PE' fear before fitness classes I instantly enjoy them and love the buzz afterwards!

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