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hi i'm a newbie to this but in desperate need of motivation.Been dieting for years

I am in need of some motivation desperately.

I can run for 30 mins on a treadmill....l do a x trainer for 45 mins but no weight is shifting.I have tried ww/ slimming world //the dukan diet ..you name it. Problem is I like to eat and all foods including everything bad too although i don't cheat very often perhaps just on a weekend!!! I weigh 86 kgs and am 5'7"...I want to weigh 75 kgs at the most...help!!!!!

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Hi, I've tried weight watchers, slimming world etc and although I lost weight initially it all went back on and I think it's because they encourage you to 'save' points for naughty extras and in my case the naughty extras became the norm. I'm now following the NHS 12 week challenge which is mainly keeping to a 1400 calorie diet for a girl and more for a man. It also encourages you to spread the calories more evenly through the day. I have found I am snacking less. I've lost 5lb in two weeks. Also if you have been doing the same exercise routine for a while your body gets used to it, it may need a kick start by doing a different regime. I hope this helps. Keep going, you will get there.


Hi there, I agree with Pinkymagee, It's great you can keep going for that long with the exercise, but are you pushing yourself enough? Perhaps you need to shake it up a bit; maybe try running faster for less time. Good luck!


I agree - try the NHS 12 week but continue on it as a way of life. nhs.uk/livewell/weight-loss...

Look at it as a weight loss plan & ditch the word 'diet' from your vocabulary in the sense of weight loss.


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