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yo yo dieter and emotional eater needs inspiration!


I have always been a yo yo dieter for as long as I can remember. From a skinny child to a curvy adult I always thought I was bigger that I actually was. Now, children later with middle age spread, I am bigger than what I think! I've been to weight watchers, slimming world, the gym, and have plenty of exercise kit at home. I know what I should eat, what I shouldn't, what exercise I should do, how to be more active etc. I am a single parent to young children so trips to the gym and jogging in the outdoors are out of the window. My demon is that I am a comfort eater and always have been. It's the thing that I cannot control and makes me fail and put weight back on. I need a push, I need any advice from any emotional eater, yoyo dieter and anyone else that has wise words and inspiration!!

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You shouldn't blame yourself, first of all. The huge majority of people who go on a diet end up doing what you've done. The diet industry gets away with it because people tend to blame themselves, saying, 'I wasn't strong enough to stick to the diet.' Is that fair, though? Perhaps the diet industry is selling programmes that set people up to fail; programmes that very few people can actually stick to.

Instead of blaming yourself, perhaps you should ask why you're comfort eating? Are you upset about something?

nickyw71 in reply to PeteX

You are quite right Pete and thanks for your reply. These 'diets' are fine while you stick to them but when you come off them, the weight goes back on. And its not healthy to live life counting 'points' or 'sins'. I know it is all about balance between healthy sensible eating and a healthier more active lifestyle.

The comfort eating is a whole different can of worms! I have always turned to food when sad, stressed, happy, excited, ill, well, ha ha all emotions. As a child we weren't allowed from the table until our plate was cleared, be it 5 minutes or 5 hours later and even if I disliked the food I was made to eat it, hence my hatred for all 'sunday veg!' more psychological than physical dislike of certain foods. So although I have changed my approach to food for my children, once they are in bed, the tiredness, boredom kicks in and the munching commences!

PeteX in reply to nickyw71

If you're eating because you're bored, perhaps you need something interesting to do once your kids are in bed? Feeling bored is as bad as gaining weight!

(I agree it's weird the way WeightWatchers talk about 'syns', as though they are saying some food is sinful. They should be encouraging people to take a healthy attitude to food, rather than encouraging guilt. Guilt doesn't usually make people change.)

Hey, you're being very hard on yourself. We all need a bit of support sometimes, that's why I asked for a 'kick up the bum' yesterday. I was looking for inspiration on the internet and found some great tips on a running website as well as support on here. Are you able to put on an exercise DVD before the kids get up or after they have gone to bed? Think how you will feel afterwards - I never feel worse after exercise than I did before. If you really don't feel up for it, motivate yourself to do just 10 minutes of something and you'll probably do more once you get started. It's not easy, but it's worth it....and so are you!!!!

nickyw71 in reply to rosepink

Thank you for the wise words Rose. You are totally right, it's the getting off my backside to do the exercise as I know I will feel better afterwards. I will hunt out my old dvds! I did a 5k Fun Run (mostly walking) in august without and training or weight loss and my lungs were making squeaky noises, and I thought I wouldn't make it. I like the idea of running, but I have no childcare to do it in the great outdoors regularly. But I can exercise at home so have no excuses.

Thanks for the support, so in return I will give you a proverbial kick up the bum. 'Kick'!

rosepink in reply to nickyw71

Good on yer. Keep us posted how you get on. Thanks for the kick! Having a rest from exercise today, but back on it tomorrow!!

Do the kids have a wii. It a great way to get everyone having fun and moving together. If not put some music on get the dusters, mops and hoover out and have a tidy up as well as a work out. I swear you'll feel better with even the slightest change in routine. When my kids were younger I used to do a lot of walking with them in the buggy it was a sure way to get them fresh air and allow them to nap. My adice here would be to step up the pace till your sl out of breath and keep going for at least 20 mins you'll feel the benefits by the end of this week :)

Thankyou Jackie. Yes we have a wii so I will search out our Just Dance! It was out of action for a while as the rabbit chewed through the cable! But yes, I need to do something fun with my boys so we can all get moving!

Great news about the gym. I joined one 7 weeks ago with real scepticisim. I thought I would struggle with going. Best thing I ever did. Let us know how your getting on. Good Luck

oh i'm so glad to hear that. Well done to you and I hope the gym has the same effect on me! I have had my induction this morning so the first step has been taken! Thanx Jackie

Thank you all for replying to my first ever post. You have given me advice and inspiration already! Although I set my account up at the weekend, I start the 12 week plan today. And what a start......I have joined a gym! I have my induction tomorrow morning :-)

jossy351 stone

As a yo-yo emot myself, I know exactly where you are. The word 'emotional' covers a lot of 'emotion' . What you have to do is identify the emotion or event that triggers it. I found mine - and once you've recognised it, you can make steps to rectify it. Every time you go to the fridge or pick up a bar of chocolate - say "what has happened to make me do this?" For a couple of days stick to eating and identifying, and then see if you can do anything about the event itself. Arguments? Tiredness? Lack of time? Hormones? etc etc. You will find there will be a pattern. Comfort eaters are seeking comfort - see why you need comfort and hey presto! Problem identified and then take steps to rectify. However, don't try until you've identified. Hope that helps?

jossy351 stone

I think we'll call it Yo-Mote ! :)

nickyw71 in reply to jossy35

Thank you so much for that Jossy. I am definitely a Yo-moter!! But when I think food.....I just think food. I've never questioned why, just blamed it on my emotions. I will definitely try and identify my Yo-motions and let you know!

By the way, it’s often enough to relax to lose weight. I experienced it when I gained some weight and I only managed to get rid of it by taking Calmax and calming myself down. Then the weight started disappearing on its own. All in all, I think it’s most important to calm down first.

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