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Reducing body fat

I will be 70 next month so a body builder I will never be also not being very mobile doesn't help my weight any,

I even had to give up the hardest part of my gym classes due to a suspected hernia discomfort, so like many others I try to find other ways to get my weight down.

More helpful info on this site.


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Hi un1corn, I'm just 71 so like you a body builder I will never be, not sure I wanted to be either! Gyms were never for me, expensive and boring - why not get out and take a brisk walk for half and hour 4 or 5 times a week? Over the past 6 months I've managed to lose over 2 stone via exercise and a low carb diet. Latterly I've followed Michael Moseley's 'The Fast Diet' which really does work. As I am now at goal I just fast one day a week [you eat no more than 500/600 calories] and it is quite sustainable. Importantly I've lost that visceral fat around my middle which is so dangerous.


To add to the above: it's not a quick fix, the weight comes off fairly slowly but hopefully will stay off longer


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