Please Join Me for a Weigh-In (Monday 23rd September 2013)

Last Monday, I had gained 4.4 pounds, so this week I was aiming to lose some of that gain. Thankfully I have lost 3 pounds, so I now weigh 13 stone 12.4 pounds - once again being under 14 stone (which makes me feel happy!) Now I just need to keep going and I have given myself the goal to lose 2 pounds this week, as I feel I need to push myself to leave the 14 stone marker behind forever!

I hope everyone has had a good week.

Lowcal :-)

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20 Replies

  • Good luck with your weigh in today, I may join you next mon for a weigh as at the moment I am too afraid to step on the scales . I've just had a break for a few week and now I know that I am slipping back into my old habits-that got me overweight in the first place. I am starting back today counting calories and brisk -walking , so I will be brave enough to have a weigh with you next Monday x

  • Hi Sandjo,

    Great to hear you're starting back today, after having a break for a few weeks. I hope you have a good week, and enjoy your brisk-walking. I think walking is a great way to exercise and very enjoyable too.

    Hope you have a successful week!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good work with the weight loss! This week I lost 1 lbs and as I had a bad week this was good for me. I think I need to push myself a bit this week to get back on track.

    Good luck this week

  • Hi Natty2013,

    Great that you lost a pound, despite having had what you described as a bad week. A pound is definitely a good loss. Really good.

    Hope you have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done on the weight loss!

    Despite my week of eating out I lost 1.2 kg, down to 66.8kg from 68.0kg last Monday. I actually can't quite believe it because I am sure I was over the calorie target on at least half of the days. But I'll happily accept the loss and hope the scale does not change its mind :)

    It has been hard to fit in exercise this last week, only 1 run and 1 trip to the gym. I overdid it at the gym on Friday doing too many lunges/squats and was hobbling round all weekend as a result. I missed out on my Saturday morning run and still was too knackered to manage the gym on Sunday so did some gardening instead planting loads of lovely bulbs to enjoy next year. My legs finally feel recovered today so off out for a run tonight!

    Have a good week everyone, and keep up the good work :)

  • Hi Albionjen,

    Well done on your weight loss this week - really good.

    I know what you mean about sometimes finding it hard to fit in exercise - I had that trouble last week, but thankfully so far this week I am managing to do something. Hope you enjoyed your run that you mentioned.

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I had a great run thanks. The temperature yesterday evening was just right and my legs felt fine after a couple on minutes. Although it was dark by the time I headed out so I was a bit worried about what route to take. I just stayed around the town streets with lighting and it was fine!

    Unsuprisingly when I weighed this morning I had gone up to about 67.5kg, which is probably a more reasonable measure :) I weigh each day but I don't worry too much if I see a "gain" from one day to the next. I only pay attention to the trend over a month or more, as even week to week changes often seem very random!

    Edited to correct typo in weight. Not used to it starting with a 6 :)

  • Well Done lowcal, I stayed the same this week with only my self and a couple of packs of biscuits to blame. To add insult to injury I have a busy weekend ahead with lots of food and booze on offer not looking forward to next weeks weigh in.

  • Hi Tallguy360,

    Biscuits can indeed be tempting! I tend to buy those packs that are grouped in smaller packets - i.e. separate packets of just 3 biscuits, and that way I only allow myself one packet of those per day - if the biscuits were not wrapped separately like that I know I would be tempted to eat far more in one go!

    Hope you cope with your busy weekend ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • well done and congratulations on getting right back on top of things. I feel this could be my week - but i shan't tempt fate :-)

  • Hi Susybenj,

    I hope you are right that it is your week this week - and thanks for your encouraging words.

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • well - i am hovering above 12 stone - only half a pound to go and I could be in the elevensies- Feel to nervous to speak- but it would be great to make progress and start to lose weight again. I am clear to what to do - I just need to do it:-)

  • Hi Lowcal,

    Well done on the loss! Keep going. Have a good week.


  • Hi Lazydaysinmay,

    Thank you! Hope you have a great week this week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hallo lowcal, I am sorry to say I didn't make it losing a lb this past week. I was this morning with 84,3kg and had too many ice-creames and happy food portions the past week. I also didn't check the kcal knowing that I had a week of indulgment ahead.- I try to behave again ;-)

  • Hi Flower-arranger,

    At least you described your food portions as 'happy' and you sound upbeat despite your not making that pound goal you had. Hopefully you will have a positive week this week.

    Wishing you the best week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done Lowcal, I am 11.3 still and on hols for the next two weeks, so lets see what that brings, to keep me in check I have the dress for an Xmas do on 30th nov that will be nicest if I am under 11st!

  • HI Prin,

    Thanks! Also, well done for maintaining your weight - hope you have a good holiday for the next two weeks, and best of luck with your goal to be under 11 stone by 30th November. I think you can do it - you sound motivated and you have a great goal in mind to wear that dress.

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done all you losers! :)

  • :-) Thank you!

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