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I have lost about half a stone in the last couple of months which I am very pleased with but I am worried about my tummy which does not seem to be getting smaller( I have lost one and half stone in 2 years), any advice welcome.


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Try weights, I have had success with body pump classes,,,,,,good luck!


You say it doesn't 'seem' to be getting smaller; have you measured?

The theory goes that you can't 'spot reduce' specific areas of the body; your hormones dictate where the fat is removed from. Burning fat should generally result in your waistline decreasing.

You could tone the muscles with resistance exercise, but caution is required not to build the muscles making them appear too large.

Another theory I heard was that when fat is accumulated evenly around the body it's because the fat has been pumped around the body in the bloodstream by the heart. However, fat around the waist is indicative of excess carbohydrate consumption. When the carb stores of the muscle and liver are full, the excess is turned to fat and emanates from the liver to be stored more locally.

For some people eating wheat can be a problem, have a look for "Wheat Belly" on the net. Also check labels to make sure that you are not eating any food with 'hidden' sugars.

Running can really help to tone the tummy area. Also I just joined a bodybalance class which combines pilates, yoga and tai chi which is great to build your core strength. The main moves to get a flat tummy are the "plank" and "crunches" Stick with it and you'll see a difference in no time.

Have you tried swimming , it's a good and can be done at your own pace x

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