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Fresh start

First day of healthy eating, have activated myfitnesspal account. Weight 10st 7lb on Monday 16/9/13 will take measurements tonight. So far have lost 15lbs this year now to loose the next 7lbs. How long does it take to replace old bad eating habits with healthy ones as I so easily slip back into mindless snacking & binging :( but today feeling positive, helps that the sun is shinning and reading eveyones posts helps as well.

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Hi, I'm on my fitness pal as well. My username is elliexxgeorge. Say hallo when you are there :-)

I've heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit so still a bit to go but you can do it! Good luck!


I'm on to.. lauratheresewaters... only started today so I've got some bad habits... had a bit of cake today but will still be in my calls (I hope!)


Thanks ladies, heres to all three of us reaching our goal :)


I'm on there as well same user name as here. I don't keep an open diary as I think it would keep me from being honest - don't think I would record what I eat (and drink) on some days if I knew anyone else could see the total :)

However, if anyone wants to say hello on the site feel free!

In answer to the question, I think it takes quite a few weeks, if not longer, to replace your habits. However, you can give a few helping hands along the way to make it easier.

- Buy single serve portions of things you like to snack on, as it helps to get the portion size correct (e.g. mini tub of ice cream instead of a litre, small sized choc bar)

- Make a shopping list and stick to only buying the things you need for your planned diet that week

- Keep any tempting things out of sight and put healthy snacks on view in the kitchen (e.g. put a fruit bowl out and stick the crisps in the back of the cupboard)

- If you tend to snack when bored, try to keep busy. Go for a walk, do some gardening, plan your next holiday, phone up a friend for a chat! Anything that will keep you occupied.

My last bit of advice is try not to label things as "bad" or "good" foods, it is the diet as a whole that matters. E.g. It would be bad for you if you eat only crisps and cake, but that does not mean you can never have them within a balanced diet. If you are careful about planning meals you can still have a little treat now and again. :) It is really hard to stick to a change in habit where you cut things out completely.

Congratulations on your sucess so far with the weight loss.


Thanks for all your tips, I know i am an all or nothing person so one bad diet day then becomes a bad diet week, knowing what i should do and putting it into practice are too different things, got to try and change my mind set. Good luck with your weight loss & thanks for replying


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