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Just joined to keep me focused. Joined a gym 4 weeks ago and have really thrown myself into it. Attending 5 sessions per week 3 90-100 min moderate/high cardio sessions, a 90 min yoga class and a 60 min body balance class. I have been regulating my calories to 1400 day plus the calories I'm burning in activity. My weight remained static although I do feel more toned and my muffin top is definitley less noticable. Just weighed myself this morning and have lost 1kg overnight!!!!! is this ok????

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  • It is normal for a person to lose 1kg overnight. Your blood glucose goes a little higher than usual, and replenishes what has been used during the day, plus you lose fluid through respiration and sweating.

    For a 90 minute session, you need only raise your heart rate to an average of 120+ beats per minute to stimulate an improvement in heart/lung function. However, you then need to allow at least 24.2 hours after the cessation of that session for the growth/improvement to take place. Working yourself too hard, too frequently, will raise your stress hormones that then has a knock on effect to your insulin levels, making it difficult to lose weight.

  • Thanks for this, On hindsite I probably might be overdoing it. I was hitting 150 -170 bpm for some of my workout. Will ease back thanks

  • I'm on maintenance calories now but used to regularly eat 1800 calls plus some of my exercise calories burned. I wear a heart rate monitor and stock up on carbs if I'm doing a lot of running or high intensity aerobics. I've also built up my exercise routine and do an hour every day.

  • early days for me and a lot of learning needed. Thanks

  • I weigh nearly every day, a trip to the loo even an affect weight greatly!

  • Interesting :?

  • Try a before and after you might be surprised my scales are ww and do 1/8 oz!

  • Thanks I think I prefer to measure fat loss though. My initial weight plateau due to over exercising has now moved. So far so good I'm noticing a daily reduction of .2kg/day. If I keep going at this rate I should reach my target weight by the end of October :)

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