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I have been using the Weightwatchers plan for 18 months. I have now lost 5st. 13.5lb. Weighing food is now second nature. If you like flexibility then I would wholeheartedly endorse this diet. You can eat what you want, when you want as long as you don't go over the points. I use their calculator when I shop for pre-prepared food. That way I know I am not buying anything that will take me over the daily points allowance. If you don't have much money the I suggest you use the on-line method. This method really works but, as with all diets, you have to stick with it to get the full benefit. My advice is that you can get better products in the supermarket than buying weightwatchers products and they are cheaper too.

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Hi Juicy Joycee,

You have done really well on the Weightwatcher's plan. Losing 5 stone 13.5 pounds is amazing - you must feel so much healthier and it's good that you find the system easy to use.

Do you have much more weight to lose, or are you nearly at your goal weight now?

Lowcal :-)


I've got another 5.5st to go but I'm sure I'll get there eventually. The effect on me is more mental than physical as I have mobility problems so doesn't help much in getting around but it does give me a kick being able to go into shops like M &S & BHS and buy normal clothes. It'll be even better when I get to goal. I might even get to be a size 12 which I've always wanted to be.


Well done! keep going, being a size 12 is lush:) there is no easy fix or right plan it's about finding something you can stick to long term and you certainly have done, great news :)


I agree with you weight watchers has also helped me if you can't afford to go then join learn the principles of the diet then do it alone ,I find this really works for me lost two stone in six months and chuffed to bits good luck with whatever you choose


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