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Half way stage already

I can hardly believe I'm half way through the 12 weeks already. I'm now on week 6, no weight loss for last week but I have started running and I do feel more comfortable in my clothes.

I'm going to revisit the golden rules of the earlier weeks eating habits too as I fear I may have got into to some bad habits.

As I've become more aware of portion sizes and types of food to eat, I think I've become lazy, although I do stay below my calorie target at all times, and I've started to get a bit sloppy over what I snack on. Because I know I'm well within calorie range I've started slipping bits of chocolate and sweets in as snacks instead of high fibre foods (the choccies and sweets are calorie controlled still, not overeating). The trouble is, as we all know only too well, these treats are momentary and leave you wanting more pretty quickly whereas a piece of fruit doesn't.

I've also been away from work for the last 10 days on leave so the discipline of a structured working day hasn't been there - at least I can keep myself occupied to stave off hunger pangs until meal time when I'm at work.

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Recognising where you might be going wrong or could improve is a huge step in the right direction. If you are still struggling then try planning your snacks the day before and stick to them.

My downfall was always Biscuits, nothing fancy like chocolate ones, just the humble custard cream could make me lose all self control, I stopped buying them, problem solved for me.

I wonder how we survived before snacking became the norm? :D

Stay strong and focused!


OlsBean, thanks for the support.

I think you're right about snacking, I'm back in work on Wednesday so snacking is kept to a minimum - we have a clear desk policy where I work so no packs of biccies or anything.

I'm going on my 3rd c25k run tomorrow and cycling to work thereafter (runs in between of course) so the activity levels will be up where they should be.


Clear Desk Policy sounds like hell :D

Keep it up, especially the running!


eating the right stuff can be hard at times - good luck!


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