Hi. I have been on a 1200 calorie diet since feb and lost nearly 2stones. Then I started to eat junk food. Nw ive lost motivation

I'm on a cereal diet now. Ive gained half a stone in two amd a half months. I binge eat then starve myself. I don't know what to eat anymore. And ive lost confidence in losing weight. I'm 5'2. I weigh around 154 pounds. My goal is 130. I swim twice a week. How do I lose weight


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  • If you are eating a lot of breakfast cereal, you will be eating too much processed carbohydrates and sugar. It may be low in calories but it will raise you insulin levels quickly, give you a 'carb crash' later and leave you feeling hungry. It will probably be affecting your moods as well because of how your blood sugar levels will fluctuate. It really isn't good for your health over the long term. Eating too few calories will leave your body craving for food, and junk food is high in the calories your body is craving.

    You need to eat real food. Think back to some of your favourite foods before the you started the diet. Treat yourself to something full of protein, like a good steak. Perhaps don't think about calories for a while. And get rid of the cereal. Good luck.

  • Hi, I read a really good book called the barcombe diet-basically you just need to eat proper food and no processed stuff-same as the other person said really-I know what binge eating is like and I try really hard to control it and was doing for ages but started again this week due to things that have happened-you just need to keep going!

  • Is that the Harcombe diet, if so, I highly recommend it too.

  • I don't think 1200 calories is enough to be honest. You're more likely to succeed if you eat the foods you like but obviously try and cut back on the junk. Just try and make small changes and take one day at a time. Good luck!

  • I totally agree with Vonnyliz.bin the leftovers and get rid of all thoughts of junk food.I think junk food is so addictive,so treat it like any addiction and adopt aversion techniques!!! You will get back on track soon Im sure!!!Do not give up.Good Luck x

  • I agree with Penel too. The problem isn't you, it's the diet you tried; you can't fight hunger forever. If you are deficient in something, it's a biological imperative that you redress the balance.

    Keep your carbohydrate intake between 10 and 14 portions per day (1 portion = 10g carbohydrate), ideally 3 meals x 4 carb portions. Follow this link uk.sitestat.com/diabetes/we...

    Eat low GI carbs. Follow this link glycemicindex.com/

    Make up the balance of your meals with natural, additive-free, unprocessed protein and fat foods such as meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese, coconut oil, palm oil (not hydrogenated), olive oil, butter, ghee, duck fat, goose fat, and lard.

  • I thought this site was about sharing advice, informing and supporting us with help and advice not adverts - puneet1126. Are you really trying to help people like myself who are vulnerable when it comes to food or are you maybe trying to make some money...I feel like you are trying to trap us. :-(

  • Thank you for reporting. This person will be banned from HealthUnlocked communities.

  • It is completely normal to feel sluggish and demotivated - however you have come back to this forum which shows that you do care and that you do want this!! Start afresh, maybe cut out 100 calories for two weeks, then cut out 200 the next two weeks... Your body will not treat it as such a shock if you gently ease it into a healthier way of life, instead of going straight from 1500 calories a day to 1200 in the space of a day.

    Good luck on your refreshed weight loss journey

    N x

  • Why not try a 1400 calorie count diet as this is slightly more than you were doing and it is working for me... 9 lbs in 4 weeks x.

  • Everyone loses motivation, I know I do myself. Just have to be strong, pick yourself up. Forget what happened in past and start afresh. We all have low moments. Don't let them rule your life :-)

  • I m g I am just like you yo yo and too much wine ! :-(

  • Can't think of anything worse for you than a cereal diet, except maybe one based on sugar.

    I would very much recommend the Harcombe diet, it's more a way of life there are loads of free advice from zoe Harcombe, look her up on YouTube and there are loads of advice, the most interesting thing for me is the 25 diet myths busted, she explains why calorie counting really doesn't work, the minisota starvation experiment was the study for that. She also goes deeply into the science too which then begins to make sense.

    I am now not afraid to eat fats, couldn't care less about cholesterol and avoid sugars and carbs like the plague.

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