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What advice and suggestions for parties/dinners/celebrations, without undoing all the good work over the last few months?

It is my birthday next week (yes the biggie!) with lots of celebrations in the pipeline.. I am looking forward to these, but fear I will not be able to remain in control and adhere to the Healthy Eating Regime? Any advice or suggestions will be very welcome - esp for the Cream Tea on one of the days!

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You have to remember that life still goes on and that includes parties and (big) birthdays. Advice I was previously given on the forum was not to go to an event hungry, which is the opposite of what I would have done!

Try to increase your exercise a little more to help offset the calories and try to take a smaller portion of things - so you get the taste and hopefully satisfy the cravings but without taking onboard all the calories. Think about what you are eating before it goes in your mouth but make sure you really want to eat it and will enjoy it.

Remember the progress you have made, how you did feel and how you now feel and that should give you the motivation to keep things in check. Also, if people have been paying you compliments (which I hope they have) that is a good motivator, so remember them.

As for the cream tea - enjoy! Perhaps don't add butter and spread the cream and jam on thinner than you would have done - and savour every mouthful! LOL

Good luck and I look forward to hearing how it has all gone.



Thanks very much, Bispers... I have made a copy of your suggestions as these are very sensible and the first para is excellent advice - going out unhungry so to speak! Will let you know how things turn out... M~


Good advice given from Bispers. Remember a bit of what you fancy does you good. Enjoy the celebrations :-)


Yes enjoy, and have a little of what you fancy. If you are drinking, take diet or zero mixers with spirits.

Also remember to stay strong mentally and prepare for if you put on weight. You'll need to shrug it off and carry on, back with the new eating regime. If you do put on weight, you'll know why and you can go back and fix that.

And if you can, up thew exercise.


Thanks Bunblebeaz...Yes, upping the exercise would be good - am starting that now - and will take some diet lemonade for my G&Ts! Mx


I had my 50th in march, and had lost just over a stone before I went, I think in previous diets I would focus on an occasion and once that passed would - give up as I had no long term goal. 2 weeks eat as much as you like @Sandals saw me ad 4lb, I accepted that, and just got back to business after my extended birthday- party back in the UK, I have kept weighing through the celebrating and sometimes have been pleasantly surprised, or horrified - managed to put 4lb on in a single girls weekend - wont br making that mistake again;) good luck and enjoy your birthday! Cream tea day maybe have a veggie breakfast - carrots celery and watercress same for lunch with an oxo cube then enjoy your cream tea you will have saved around 700 cal so you won't do too much damage!


Thanks so much Prin for your helpful ideas. It's a bit like Christmas in a way - but the suggestion to keep weighing is a good one (hard to do, but it does keep "denial" away) as usually avoid the scales if I know the weight will be up!!! M x


Enjoy your birthday and try not to worry too much. Just make healthy choices when you can and remember that one weekend is not going to undo all the hard work you have put in. Even if you do end up going overboard and gaining a couple of lb, then try to get back on track when you can.

As for the cream tea. I've got a couple of suggestions that might help. I went for a cream tea with my parents and on that occasion we just ordered 2 cream tea between 3 of us and asked for an extra plate as we didn't want the full portion. The cafe were more than happy to oblige. I guess you might not have that option as when I went for afternoon tea with work a few weeks ago it was all little snacks and cakes with one per person... In that case I would suggest just trying to balance it out by having a light snack for dinner. In the past I think I would have had the full afternoon tea / cream tea then had a full dinner as well. So, it is some progress at least. :)

I agree it is a top tip not to go to the event hungry. The food will likely be quite calorie dense (i.e. not that filling) and it is much easier to eat far too much if you hungry! I went to a tapas restaurant recently and hadn't had that much lunch, plus some drinks before the meal helped destroy my willpower! I easily managed to eat 1000+ kcal without even realising it until I added up the kcal. But that is just part of life and the important thing was that I enjoyed my evening out and got back on track the next day when I could cook my own healthy evening meal.

Have a good birthday and enjoy your party!


Thanks Albionjen: Lots of good ideas - esp about the cream tea. I was thinking of having only liquids that night (Moroccan tea etc a cucumber smoothie!) I will try to avoid the cakes, and may actually ask at the Hotel whether they can bring me a plate with only sarnies and tea - and perhaps just ONE cream cake, before we start. Luckily I don't like scones!!

Thanks for your wishes...and support.


Hi Marguerite2013,

My advice would be to note the word "little" in the phrase 'a little of what you ....."

Try to dodge out of situations where you are expected to eat a lot, especially of sweet, creamy or fatty things. E.g. share the sticky toffee pudding (or whatever) with someone else (or perhaps even more than one other person).

Try to have a 'taster' of something, or claim you'll finish it off later (whether you really intend to or not), rather than a full portion.

And, if you know you're going to end up going a bit over the top on a particular day, you could cut back a bit the day before and/or the day after.

Good luck with your weight loss journey and enjoy your biggie birthday.


LITTLE is indeed good advice and important to bear in mind - and perhaps by having "planned" a taboo food (a planned treat) will help with staying in control. I'm cutting back already (!) to make room for the 3 consecutive outings... Many thanks for your input Doikosp.


Just be yourself - life is too short to be niggardly when it is *your* celebration. So if you really like cream teas, or champagne or whatever do it properly. Just don't have what or more than *you* don't really value.

I've found it helpful not to go weighing in the days immediately after a celebration/calorie buster, just get on with eating less calorifically and exercising and weigh in after a few days when things have evened out.


I've found it helps (especially in maintenance) to look at my food intake over a rolling week, that means today is always Day 4, with 3 days behind and 3 days ahead (as one day drops off behind you add one day in front), if your intake is slightly higher during the days before then you reduce your intake to take up the surplus over the next few days and visa versa. This gives me much more flexibility, it also means I feel less guilty when I feel I have gone over my daily allowance and/or made bad food choices because I know I have a structured plan/routine in place to correct it, it therefore helped me from falling into that "I'll start my diet tomorrow mode" which is deadly and far worse than the overindulgence itself!

This is not something I've gleaned from any other plans so I can say if it will work for you, it's just something I've found that over the 4 years since I made my lifestyle changes has worked for me, but hopefully it will help someone.


It's not a treat if it causes you long-term anguish.



I find I eat less now anyway but have never thought of the go 'unhungry' to an event. I will give that one a go. But I do agree that celebration food is to be enjoyed.

Happy birthday!


Thank you Windswept... Seems ages ago, but all went well and by going unhungry to a party (perhaps even by having a huge salad beforehand, yoghurt, whatever), one is then not tempted to overeat highly calorific goodies which are served up, because more or less sated in any case.. But the visual thing will be there, and one can still enjoy the celebration food which as you rightly say is to be enjoyed (but in smaller portions)...Good that you are eating less these days, as this is something I am still battling with - smaller portions and eating more frequently!! :-) Merry Christmas! And enjoy!


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