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OK, so this week

Weight: 11st 3 lb + 0.2lb

1 mile time: 10 min 28 secs -14 seconds

Put on weight but its only 0.2lb so not worried. Clothes seem to fit better again, so must just be one of those things.

Really happy with my run time, aiming for 0.1mph increase in speed again.

So this week, back on the calorie counting proper, and let's shift some weight!

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Well done - as you say back on track - good news on running speed -I am doing 13 min miles -which feel and are slow!!


thanks! as for your mile, well, at least you are running 1 mile non stop! I think I was about that when I started so you can get faster!


Hi Bunblebeaz,

Sounds like you're making good progress with your running time. Really good. Also good to hear your clothes are fitting better.

Hope you have a good week.

Lowcal :-)


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